So You’re Too Busy For Video Email? How & Why Andy Sent 16 in 1 Hour

Last Updated May 7th, 2014


“Your product makes what I do fun again. And my clients respond to it very well – and, really, that’s why I do it. I started it because I thought it was a neat idea, but then I saw the reaction of my clients and it’s great. They love it. I love it.”

Those are words shared with me by RE/MAX Platinum agent Andy Alger of the Andy Alger Team in Michigan.

I wanted to see which customer who’s signed up in the last 6 months had the most videos in his or her account. Andy has the lead by a mile: 488 videos since mid-December! That’s an average of about 100 per month and 4 per day. Last Friday, he sent 16 videos in 1 hour.

If you’ve told yourself you’re too busy for video email, this is for you. Andy’s not doing extra work – he’s working differently. He’s replacing some tasks and calls with personal, one-to-one messages.


So You’re Too Busy To Send Video Email?


Andy on Why Video Email is a Better Way

“We value relationship. In real estate you can fall into a trap of just being transaction-minded. We really emphasize being relationship-minded. It’s about maintaining those relationships – current and past because we strictly work by referral. It’s how we prefer to work.”

“The reason I prefer to reach out by video email is for that exact reason. I think it enhances relationship much more than a simple email does.”

“It’s just a way for me to get across more of who I am and what I’m trying to say in a better way than email, text, or whatever else possibly can.”


Andy on One-To-One Videos

“I don’t do a lot of mass video emails … I tend to make mine very personal to somebody. It’s more special and more meaningful.”


Andy’s Video Email Process

“I come in here around 7:30am and begin doing my prospecting calls to past clients – but I do it this way. I don’t have to call them at work or stop them in the middle of their day. This is a way for me to reach out to my past clients hopefully with some information that’s beneficial to them and to remind them how we work, which is by referral.”

Ethan’s notes here: video is asynchronous. You shoot and send it when it’s convenient for you. They receive it and watch it when it’s convenient for them. You’re making a personal touch without imposing on their schedule.


“I also send throughout the day. I’ll be responding to other Realtors I have transactions with, lenders, anybody. I like the video format a lot.”

“I love the product. I use it obviously a lot. I mostly go through the Gmail extension at this point.”


Andy’s 16 Video Emails in 1 Hour

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Two Examples from That Morning

Click either email to see the video. Notice that there’s only an email design and a video. Notice that the video formats are similar, but the information and personal touches are completely unique.

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Andy Reinforcing the Fun & Convenience of Video Email for Prospecting

“Doing the video emails, honest to goodness, has made prospecting a heck of a lot more fun. It’s changed how I think about contacting my clients. I no longer feel like I’m intruding in their day. I no longer feel like I’m being a pest. And that’s always one of the biggest stumbling blocks, because on one hand I’m all about customer service and taking care of my people and on the other hand I feel like I’m intruding in their day. There’s always this kind of battle that goes on.”

“With these videos, the more I use them, the more the prospecting and just touching base with them … it’s just fun.”

“That’s just another aspect of what BombBomb has done for me and for my business and I think that’s huge.”

In Conclusion

“I use BombBomb because I value relationships.”


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