How-To: Styling Links In Your Video Email

Last Updated June 29th, 2012

Every email and video email you create and send should have a very clear purpose, what I call “The One Thing.” This purpose should be clear to you. It should be supported by your subject line, headline, and email body. When your recipients get your email, it should be clear to them why to open it, why they received it, and what you want them to do – the action you’d like them to take.


Often, this call to action will involve a link – to a website, to a landing page, to a purchase page, to a social media site, to a blog post, or to any of a variety of other places.


In this how-to video, you’ll get some tips to style the text links and buttons that you put into your email or video email to support its purpose and encourage click through.  This all happens inside the email editor in the BombBomb video email marketing software. From the “Emails” tab, click “edit” on any email, then use the “Link” button.  This styling occurs in the 3-tab box that opens up after you hit Link.


Software Screen Shot: Styling Your Links


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Each link obviously needs the correct url – the address to which the link goes. Other things you can control include:

  • How the link opens when people click it
  • Whether hover text appears when a mouse moves over it
  • What that hover text says
  • What color a text link is


How-To Video: Styling Your Links



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