Recruiting Real Estate Agents with Video Email: “It’s Opening Doors”

August 9th, 2012


Here, Linda Fogarty, the Managing Broker for Coldwell Banker in Naperville, Illinois, explains why she loves video email marketing with BombBomb and how she used it to open the door to hiring 5 real estate agents to her brokerage in the past 6 weeks.  Many thanks to Linda for taking the time to share her story!


Video: How a Managing Broker Uses Video Email to Recruit Agents


Real estate agents across the country and around the world are using BombBomb video to build relationships with their prospects and customers – buyers and sellers.  Brokers, too, are benefiting from the power of video in email to connect with their prospects and customers – the agents they must recruit and retain to build a strong brokerage.


“The way I use (BombBomb video email) is to recruit experienced agents in our area,” says Linda, who’s been a customer for a few months. “You really, through these videos, have helped me get to them easier.”


She sends personal video emails to agents from other companies congratulating them on a deal they put together with one of her Coldwell Banker agents – and offering support.


“It becomes very personal, rather than just an email … they now get to see my face, get to know who I am a little bit …” The result: “When I follow up with calls, now they recognize my voice and say … ‘you sent me that video and it was awesome. Thank you so much.'”


Video email, then, provides Linda with a great first impression with her prospects – experienced agents she’d like to have working for her brokerage.


“It’s opening doors … In the last 6 weeks I’ve hired 5 agents who – I truly believe because I use these videos and use BombBomb – that it opened the door for me to get to know those other agents.”


Linda was also complimentary of the ease of use and customer service. “Your support staff is wonderful … It’s so easy to do these videos that I can do a lot of them very quickly.”



Whether you’re an agent trying to build relationships and earn referrals with buyers and sellers or you’re a broker trying to recruit and retain agents, video email marketing with BombBomb could be a very effective tool for you.  See what other real estate and mortgage professionals have to say about BombBomb – or get started by sending your first video email in 5 or 10 minutes – free (unlimited email and video email sends to up to 50 contacts for 2 weeks)!



Customer Video: David Upchurch, Realty Alliance

Customer Video: Peter Green, Dynamic Mortgage


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