BombBomb Mobile App Update: New, Easier Ways to Send Videos, Improved User Experience

Last Updated April 21st, 2020

BombBomb mobile app

Thanks to some amazing customer feedback and feature requests, we’ve made significant improvements to the BombBomb mobile apps on both iOS and Android. Most notably, we’ve added some key functionality that expands where you can share your videos.

Here’s what new:

Completely New User Experience and Design

We thought long and hard about how you interact with the BombBomb mobile app. With your feedback and requests, we’ve made some design changes:

• The camera now pops up instantly, making it easier for you to record and send videos faster.
• You can now rename your videos in the app.
• We’ve added a navigation bar to help you quickly find your video library and tracking.

Screens | BombBomb

Send Your Videos Through Your Favorite Mobile Apps

Now you can share your videos through the messaging apps you use most. This includes Gmail, Apple Mail, Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, text message, and so much more.

Save Your Default Email App to Share Through

Have one email app you use the most? Perfect! You can now save that as your default choice to send out of.

Share Through Basically Any Other Source

Want to share your BombBomb video through a specific app or website that’s not listed on the share screen? No problem! With this mobile app update, you can share your videos virtually anywhere. Simply copy your video to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you’d like!

Here’s What Hasn’t Changed:

Record and upload unlimited videos to your BombBomb video library
• Share unlimited videos through a BombBomb Quick Send email
• Share unlimited video links to social media
• Track who plays your videos, opens your emails, and clicks your links.

How to Get the App

If you already have the BombBomb mobile app, simply update your app to receive all of these improvements instantly.

Otherwise, you can download the BombBomb app here:

BombBomb mobile app for iOS
BombBomb mobile app for Android

Don’t have a BombBomb account yet? No problem. When you download the mobile app, you’ll be given a 14-day free trial.

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