Video Email Marketing Turning Heads

March 21st, 2011

In 2011, email marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in the minds of marketers. Budgets are starting to focus attention on interactive marketing solutions over the traditional approach. Online ad spend outpaced traditional newspapers last year and is projected to continue that trend year-over-year for a while. My favorite thing about healthier budgets – the focus on being proactive rather than a reactive approach. Marketers are more open to try new things, create new approaches and the interactive world pushes farther into the technology for better performance and ROI in regard to their offerings.


Just recently Constant Contact released an article on video-in-email. Validating the need for a new approach in the email marketing space, as well as our company’s positioning in the email marketing software arena. This article highlights our exact sentiments around why consumers should use video in email and BombBomb as the vendor to do so.


So, even though we’re competitors. Kudos to Constant Contact and Cliff Pollan for validating the need and the effectiveness of our type of solution for consumers.


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Viva la Email.

Ethan Beute | About The Author

Marketing, branding, content. Writer, producer, editor. Photos and videos. Building campaigns. Tracking results. Background in local television station marketing and promotion. VP, Content and Communication, BombBomb. BA, University of Michigan. MBA, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Fresh air & clean water.

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