12 Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Last Updated June 22nd, 2012

Just as BombBomb stands squarely at the intersection of email marketing and video communication, Inman Next stands at the intersection of real estate marketing and technology.

So when Chris Smith, Chief Evangelist for Inman News and Inman Next, tweeted us up for email insights for an upcoming webinar, we both obliged with a few tips and registered for the session.

The theme was 25 Awesome Email Tips delivered (somewhat breathlessly!) in just 25 minutes.

Here: 12 of my takeaways from among those 25 tips, along with some additional ideas and resources.


Video: 12 Email Marketing Tips


The List: 12 Email Marketing Tips


1. “Email is the longest lasting and most private social network.” -Chris Smith, Inman News and Inman Next.  This echoes a Chris Brogan quote in a recent BombBomb blog post: “The hottest and sexiest social network is your inbox.”

Point: despite its maturity, email remains and effective and cost effective marketing channel for its being closed, targeted, and permission-based.  It’s a key piece of an integrated online marketing strategy.

Click here for a short take on why email remains so valuable.


2. 98% of top-producing agents (all $100K+ earners) say email is best for converting leads into business.

Email converts.  This one’s from their “Agent of Tomorrow” study, which is loaded with fascinating findings.


3. Wednesday and Thursday sends tend to produce the best open rates. This will obviously vary based on you, your business or organization, your email lists, and the nature of your sends. A smart sub-tip, then, is to test different days of the week.


4. Email marketing in the real estate industry averages 18.48% open rates. Again, this will vary significantly based on factors described in tip 3. A highly targeted, high value, consistently sent, and completely permission-based email will obviously outperform something less targeted and more self-interested. Do track your open rates, then review who’s receiving which emails.


5. Sends from a person (for example: Ethan Beute, BombBomb Video Email) result in higher open rates than sends from a company (for example: BombBomb Video Email).  This makes sense.  The same logic suggests that you not send from “noreply@”, “info@”, or any other generic “from” addresses.

Pay attention to what your email looks like in a real inbox; these basic trust symbols help produce more opens.


6. Recent subscribers have higher open rates than people who’ve received their third, fourth, or fifth email. Work to engage new subscribers and work to generate new subscriptions.  Make it easy to sign up.

Cross-market your email list with your Facebook fans and friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn network, and your sphere in general. Use BombBomb Forms to collect contacts. Here’s how.


7. Segment your email lists. Click through rates (CTR) for sends to 2-6 smaller lists are higher than those for sends to just 1 large list.  Here at BombBomb, we recently segmented one of our important lists into 3 smaller lists and reduced the number of people to which we sent (more targeted).  We increased our open rate 9 percentage points and 27% overall and allow us to understand how different groups of people use our emails differently.

Click here for a short take on targeting your email sends.


8. After an initial CTR increase for buttons, text links get clicked at a higher rate than buttons.  We need to A/B test this for ourselves – we’ve been using lots of buttons instead of simple, plain text links.


9. Pay attention to mobile. Email opens on mobile devices now represent 36% of all opens, to desktop’s 33% and webmail’s 31%.

[UPDATE: As of February 2016, those numbers are 55%, 19%, and 26%, respectively]


10. Take a look at Litmus.  BombBomb uses their service to test the email templates we build to insure that they look great and function properly when they arrive in your recipients’ inboxes.

You may not be in the market for their services, but you’d likely find their blog loaded with helpful and interesting email marketing info.


11. Take a look at Emailium.  It’s a solid place for email ideas and inspiration.


12. Take a look at Lead Conversion App.  For $99/year, you can add an email signup form to your Facebook page that automatically picks up the subscriber’s email address from his or her Facebook account (so no form fill is necessary, just the click to  confirm subscription).


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Additional Email Marketing Tips:

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