How To Place Your YouTube Video Into Your BombBomb Video Email

Last Updated May 17th, 2012


Here’s the latest “You Asked For It, So You Got It” feature to get added to the BombBomb video email marketing software. We’ve given you a third way to get videos into your video emails.


The first is uploading it into your account. This provides the maximum flexibility for you and the most optimized playback experience for your video email recipients.  This is based in part on our encoding of your video into 15 different formats, autodetection of each recipient’s device and connection speed at time of open, then serving of the best video format to each recipient.


The second is in-application recording, in which we take control of your webcam and record your video straight into your account. It does require a fast internet connection, strong computer processing ability, the latest version of Flash, and a lack of interference from firewalls and other communication restrictions. Still, it’s a very convenient option that many of our customers use every day.


The third and new way to get video into your video emails is to copy and paste URLs from your YouTube videos to place them into your BombBomb video emails.


How To Place Your YouTube Video Into Your BombBomb Video Email:




When to use it: If you have an active YouTube channel or several videos uploaded into YouTube already, this may be a convenient option for you. It’s not ideal for one-to-one (“Great to meet you today”) or one-to-segment (“Here’s a new, proprietary training video for our team”) video emails, but it’s great for more generalized, one-to-many video communication.


Performance considerations: There are two main consequences of using your YouTube videos this way. First, BombBomb can’t track the video plays, but can track the link clicks that generate those plays. Second, the video behaves like a YouTube video in email, not like a BombBomb video in email.


Where to get your URLs: You have two different YouTube URLs you can grab.  The first is the main website address in the address bar of your video’s page.  The second is under the “Share” button below the video.  Both will work, but the latter tends to be cleaner.  This process of copying and pasting both of those URLs is shown in the video above.


Give it a go and, as always, please share your feedback! Click here to contact BombBomb.


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