BombBomb Announces Free Video Email for Nonprofits to Help Humanize Charitable Organizations

Last Updated July 19th, 2021

Nonprofit organizations are changing the world one valuable cause at a time. And at BombBomb, we want to help make a difference.

In fact, we’re on a mission of our own — to rehumanize the world through video messaging. You see, we know that face-to-face communication is the best way to foster genuine connection, communicate effectively, and inspire others. And while we know it’s important, we also understand that it’s impossible to meet in person with everyone involved in a cause to make it a success.

That’s why we’re offering free BombBomb Essentials accounts to nonprofit organizations committed to rehumanizing those who’ve been dehumanized by system or circumstance.

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I’m Part of a Nonprofit — What Does This Mean For My Organization?

BombBomb is offering up to three free BombBomb Essentials accounts for nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of those around them. So, what does that look like?

To be eligible, your organization needs to focus on…

Food, healthcare, or education access
Child, social, and homelessness services
Disaster relief and human rights protection
Access to water, hygiene, and sanitation
Ministry organizations
Other direct human services

Note: We value the work of all nonprofits. However, the free BombBomb Essentials accounts are exclusively for organizations focused on “rehumanizing” the world.

Why Video Messaging?

Video messaging can help your organization revolutionize the way it communicates. Above all, with video, you can get face to face with those who matter most to your cause.

Video can help you communicate by…

Replacing confusing, plain-text email with clear, concise messaging
Adding emotion, authenticity, and vulnerability to foster genuine relationships
Saving you time by allowing you to talk to someone, just like you were sitting next to them, without the need for time-consuming travel to and from meetings
Separating you from digital pollution like spam, bots, and other noise in crowded inboxes

How Can My Nonprofit Participate?

To get started with BombBomb Essentials for nonprofits, first determine if your organization is eligible. Then, once you’ve determined your eligibility, sign up here. After that, you’ll receive a series of emails from us to help you start using video messaging.

Have more questions about participation or tech requirements? Check out our FAQs here.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch! We believe that people are more successful with the support and generosity of others. And we want nonprofits to be a success. The accounts are free — no strings attached.

I’m Not Part of a Nonprofit, But How Can I Help?

The best way to help is to get the word out to the nonprofit organizations you support.

Share this article or via email, text, or on your social media channels.

(Tip: If you know anyone working for a nonprofit dedicated to rehumanizing the world, tag them in your social media post. Recording a quick video to go along with the message will help your post get even more engagement!)

We want to get BombBomb in the hands of more nonprofits. We’re so grateful you’re willing to help us spread the word.

How Can I Best Leverage BombBomb?

You already understand how to sign up for your free BombBomb Essentials account and the benefits of video messaging. So let’s talk about how your nonprofit organization can actually use video (or better yet, see it for yourself below).


Your charitable organization can use video for…

Fundraising Efforts

Use video to personally engage stakeholders in your mission, request financial assistance, and raise awareness with potential supporters.

Expressing Gratitude

Create “thank you” videos to help demonstrate how much you value your supporters. As a result, people can hear your tone and see your emotion and sincerity when you express appreciation for them.

Project Updates

Continually involve supporters in your organization’s projects. Create project update videos that allow them to see how your organization uses their charitable donations or what’s on the horizon.

Volunteer Communication and Coordination

Keep the line of communication with your volunteers open by using video. For example, use video to review safety procedures, for scheduling, training, or to show appreciation. Using video will make communication with your volunteers easy, clear, and more personal.

To learn more about how your nonprofit can use video messaging.

Ready to Get Started With BombBomb Video Messaging?

Now that you know the ins and outs of BombBomb Essentials for nonprofits, claim your free account here!

And don’t forget to let a nonprofit you love know about our free accounts! Together we can make a difference.

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