Video Email Examples: Monthly Sends to Your Database

Last Updated January 22nd, 2015

Timely, relevant, and anticipated – the 3 most important things your emails and your marketing can be. See two examples of video email sends to an entire database that can help you stay timely and anticipated.

When done well, a personal, one-to-one video email is as relevant as you can get. You can’t get more targeted. You can’t get more specific. As long as you’re speaking to that person’s needs and/or interests in a personal way, you just can’t get more relevant.

It can also be timely, assuming that you’re making it “in the moment,” rather than canning it in advance.

But it’s hard to reach each person in your database on a one-to-one basis more than a handful of times each year. So, how do you stay anticipated?


When your email lands in an inbox, you want your recipient to think (approximately): “Oh, I know this person. He or she sends me helpful and interesting stuff. I should take a look at this.”

Each person’s time and attention are incredibly valuable; you want your “from name” and “from email address” to trigger a favorable response. Being anticipated is key to that dynamic.

Of course, a history of sending timely and relevant content helps a ton, too. And you can still be relevant to hundreds or even thousands of people at once – it’s just a little harder than doing it for one person at a time.

One way to stay anticipated: sending with a regular cadence to everyone in your database.

How often: Monthly is generally best. A regular holiday touch, because you’ve got opportunities in almost every month, is a good alternative – perhaps 8 or 10 holiday sends spread throughout the year. Quarterly seems like an absolute minimum to maintain timeliness and anticipation.

Another benefit: Because the video email is for a wider audience than one or two people (more general than specific), you can also share the video or the entire video email to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other networks straight from your BombBomb account.

The bottom line: repeat and referral business is the best business you can get. These sends help generate it.


Blending One-To-One and Database Video Emails


Video Email Examples: Monthly Sends to Your Database

Both of these are January/New Year sends from a real estate agent to his database.

Notice their different styles and approaches. Notice that you feel a little like you know each guy, just from one video. Notice that neither video is highly produced.

Their information is timely and relevant. When done regularly, your email sends will also be anticipated.

This process is about simple videos to build relationships, provide value, and stay top of mind.

Click each email to see the video.


Example 1: Andy Alger

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Andy also shared this video to Facebook from his BombBomb account.

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What Andy says:
“I get results from that. I see cumulative results; I’ve been doing those updates for several months. I hear people talk about them and they like the information. They get surprised by how some of the communities are performing and that causes a good discussion. People are engaging in those videos pretty well.”

“It helps to lend credibility to my team and that’s helpful.”


Example 2: Paul Hunter

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What Paul says:
“I get really good responses and referrals from my video emails. Since it’s different from the usual communication, I get some people simply thanking me and letting me know they liked the information and that they think the video email is a really cool way to communicate. And I get other people responding with a referral.” (Ethan’s Note: when’s the last time you got a “thank you” from someone because you sent them an email?)

“Since I run my business 100% by referral and have consistently asked my database for referrals, I get people emailing back or calling with either referrals for me or letting me know they need my service. I actually get a much better response from my database than when I call them and end up leaving them a message. I still make calls to my database but now I like to mix in personal video emails to them as well.”


So …

This doesn’t have to be a major production. The key is to be consistent. You know what’s going on in your business and your market. Share that with your personality. Share that face to face with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people at once. Share that in a timely, relevant, and anticipated video email.


One-To-One Video Email Examples

Personal, one-to-one video emails by Andy Alger


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