Video Email Composer: 3 Top Features, 5 Awesome Upgrades

June 21st, 2016

Next month, BombBomb’s releasing major upgrades to the video email Composer.

Learn 3 top features that will stay and 5 awesome upgrades to help you make and send beautiful, effective emails and video emails to build relationships and grow your business!

Also: there’s 1 key thing you need to know about its July release.


[UPDATE: August 1, 2016]

This upgrade is now live for all BombBomb customers and people with free trial accounts. Get in there and check it out! And click here to see an in-depth demo after you browse the upgrades below.


Video Email Composer: 3 Top Features

1. Mobile responsive.

Every email and video email that’s made and sent from the Composer is automatically mobile responsive.

More than half of email opens happen on a mobile device, so that’s very helpful!


2. Drag and drop.

Want a new space for a video? Drag and drop it into your layout.
Want that picture to go into that media space? Drag and drop it!
Want a space to type in some text? Drag and drop it where you want it to go!
Want to change the size of an image or a video? Drag it to the size you want.


3. Easy design options.

It’s easy to drag and drop layout elements into your email.

It’s even easier to set your design options down the left column. Choose the colors and sizes for all the different aspects of your email in one panel.

And save it as a theme to use again!

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Video Email Composer: 5 Awesome Upgrades

Fun fact: these are 5 of MANY upgrades being built into the email and video email Composer.

Worth noting: this upgraded Composer is still in testing and development. Its appearance may change a little between now and then. Want in on the testing? Become an Insider!


1. Call to action buttons.

Drag buttons into your email layout. Change their size and color. Change the call to action text. Drag out its width.

Adding calls to action (CTAs) in your emails and video emails has never been easier. No graphics or uploads required!


Quick animated tease …

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Watch this 56 second video for more about CTA buttons …



2. Social media buttons.

Add social media links into your emails. Choose any or all of the most popular social networks – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube – simply by clicking them off or on.

Change the size. Change the icon color. Change the row color.


Quick animated tease …

video email, social media, social icons, social buttons, email marketing, BombBomb


Watch this 44 second video to see social media icons in action …



3. Drag from desktop.

Want a video, photo, image, logo, graphic, or chart in your email or video email?

Drag and drop it from your desktop or from a folder straight into the layout!

If it’s a video, dragging it into the video email will upload it, process it, and encode it. You’ll be left with the animated preview right there in your design.


Quick animated tease …

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Watch this 46 second video for more detail on dragging in from the desktop …



4. Multi element rows.

As you’re dragging in new text boxes, media boxes, call to action buttons, social icons, and other layout elements, drag them into an existing row.

The other row elements will scoot over and make room for your new element … automatically.


Quick animated tease …

video email, email layout, email design, email composer, email marketing, BombBomb

Watch this 46 second video for more info on multi element rows …



5. Save as a Quick Send template.

Your default Quick Send and mobile design is incredibly useful. These are two of the fastest and easiest ways to get face to face with people.

But you want an email design with your look and feel.

Make it in the upgraded Composer, then “Save As Quick Send!”

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[UPDATE: August 1, 2016]

This upgrade is now live for all BombBomb customers and people with free trial accounts. Get in there and check it out! And click here to see an in-depth demo after you browse the upgrades below.



Video Email Composer: 1 Key Thing

With the release of this upgraded Composer, the Classic Editor will no longer be available for new emails. Every time you click “New Email” in the “Emails” tab, you’ll be working in this new, upgraded Composer.

The Editor is inferior in every way to the Composer and its primary point of differentiation is being added to the Composer … the ability to see the HTML source code behind the email. See the “Show Source” link in the lower right.

Emails originally created in the Classic Editor will still open in that editing tool when you click “Edit.”

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Be There When It All Happens!

Click here to try BombBomb free for 2 weeks. There’s no credit card information required and you’ll have access to and use of all features of the software.

As you’ve seen in this post, we’re constantly working to improve your video email experience.

Give it a go!



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