Your Value Proposition as a Salesperson – It’s Changed

Last Updated October 13th, 2015

BombBomb customer, advocate, and friend Michael Thorne recently visited with us and sat down to talk sales, marketing, customer experience, value proposition, video, and much more.

Though Michael’s a RE/MAX real estate professional from Langley, British Columbia, the concepts he shares here will resonate with and provide value to small and medium sized business owners and sales and marketing professionals of all kinds. You’ll likely find it interesting as a consumer of products and services, too.

The conversation in full ran about an hour, so watch for more videos to come here in the BombBomb blog.


Your Value Proposition as a Salesperson – It’s Changed

Two highlights of this video:

  • A timeless lesson learned through hard work
  • Today’s value proposition versus the value proposition of 20 years ago

In this opening part of our conversation with Michael, he tells the story of his start in real estate sales (he was licensed on his 19th birthday).

This naturally transitions to the options available to him for lead generation: cold calls, door knocking, and open houses. Each of these require that he get in front of people and clearly communicate his value.

That value has shifted from being a keeper of the real estate data to an interpreter the data and provider of incredible service. This dynamic is true in real estate, mortgage, automotive, travel, and many other types of sales; any consumer can look up inventory, rates, and other details online – they need you to tie it all together.

Delivering on this value is more critical than ever, as word of mouth now has a digital presence and permanence that it didn’t have 20 years ago.

Watch the video above for these themes to be woven together.


Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Real Estate Sales Agent

A few highlights of this video:

  • The shift toward interpreting data and providing experience
  • Why now is the best time to be a real estate sales agent
  • How to align your goals with your customers’ goals

Consumers have gone from having little to no product or service information to having way too much information. Your ability to communicate clearly in interpreting the data and providing meaning is key.

Beyond cold calling, door knocking, and open houses, the options available to a real estate sales agent are wide open. There’s no single model for success, so go all in and be an expert in the ways you want.

Ultimately, it all comes down to great customer experience, but there are so many different ways to get there.

Differentiate yourself. Be yourself. And align your goals with those of your customers.

Watch this clip for a thoughtful extension of the first one.


Listen In on the Entire Conversation

The clip above is just one snippet of an entire conversation with Michael Thorne that covers video, customer experience, business mindset, value delivery, and much more.

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Thanks to Michael

Thanks again to Michael for making BombBomb part of how he builds relationships and builds his business – and visiting with us in Colorado Springs!

Catch him on Mobile Agent TV, on Fraser Valley 5, at My North Langley.


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