Using Video Messages to Stand Out: 7 Stories, Issue Six

July 10th, 2017

Your competition is all around you. And often talking to your clients and prospects. How are you going to stand out?

The thousands you spend in creative marketing materials, a slogan, and new logo that “really pops” aren’t enough.

What about using your own real personality to set yourself apart from the competition? Believe it or not – you are a primary selling point in your business. And you’re not one in a million … you’re one of a kind.

BombBomb makes using video messages to stand out quick and easy. Videos differentiate you from your competitors and connect you with your leads, customers, and network.

And they don’t need to be a “production!” Record them anywhere, anytime with your webcam or mobile device. Or you can upload something fancier. Either way, it’s you being you – and that sells!

Here in this post, learn from 7 professionals sharing how using video messages helps stand out, connect with customers, and win more business. Then, download Issue Six of 7 Stories!

Click their videos below to watch and hear from them.

Read time: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Video length: Various
Takeaway: How using video messages helps you stand out in noisy, competitive markets.


Using Video to Stand Out and Sell Yourself: 7 People Explain

To help you win more opportunities with video communication, we’re sharing 7 different stories in the words of 7 different professionals in a variety of industries. Each delivers his or her own story about how, why, and when video sells you better than regular marketing materials.

Meet all 7 people here in this post. Then, download the full guide at the end for:

  • Each person’s story in his or her own words
  • Choice quotes from each of the videos
  • Quick lessons and tips taken from each story
  • Higher level strategies inferred from each salesperson using video messages to win more business


In Issue Six, you’ll see and hear from …


1. Joe Soto

Joe, a mortgage lender from Cypress, California, shows you that you can break through the “business and personal barrier” with video.

He stresses that he’s in the relationship business as much as the mortgage business. So, using video messages helps build relationships and create more business opportunities.

Sending personal messages on holidays, “not just the big ones,” and incorporating his family humanizes him. Joe delivers the ultimate message that you can be another lender or you can be a real person that creates a connection with people.


2. Drake Cruz

Drake is a Realtor in Irvine, CA. Drake uses personal videos to ensure his past and potential clients know that he’s the source for all things real estate.

Drake knows that when someone visits one of his open houses that it’s most likely not the only open house their visiting, and he’s not the only real estate agent they’re meeting that day. He sets himself apart by sending personal videos either that afternoon or first thing Monday morning to remind prospects that he’s available to help with all things real estate.


3. Jay Otlewski

Jay is a Broker/Owner from Phoenix, Arizona. Jay signed up for BombBomb, strategized ways to use it, but didn’t fully take advantage of personal videos.

Last year, he committed to incorporating it into his recruiting process and has sent over 500 videos since. His co-broke follow up process – described in his video below – is simple, repeatable, and profitable.

He also describes how he uses BombBomb in Gmail.


4. Natally Fisher

Natally, a team coordinator in Oregon, Wisconsin for four real estate agents is deep in the details of each and every transaction from listing to closing. Using video messages saves time and makes it easy to deliver a clear and concise message that keeps all parties informed.

Video messages create a more personal customer experience which leads to “happy clients, happy closings, happy testimonials, happy referrals.”


5. Will Gilliam

Will, a Realtor in Kingsland, Texas uses BombBomb to win listings from sellers trying to sell their own home. His simple process involves door-knocking, making a brief introduction, recording a simple walkaround video (“nothing Spielberg-ish”), and following up by sending that video in email back to the homeowner.

This process has landed Will $20,000 in commission. His win rate converting FSBOs to homes he’s listed to sale is 5 out of 6 – even though most FSBOs are hearing from scores of agents all the time.

Will’s commitment to lead with value and demonstrate differentiation through video are fundamental to this success.

Watch both of his videos for the details!



6. Regent Ducas

Regent, is an entrepreneur, presenter, and producer from Pensacola, Florida. As a national speaker and vendor at many conferences, Regent uses BombBomb videos to help “break the ice and be ahead of others in his field.” Regent sends videos to attendees before the conference even begins to stand out among all the conference-goers and speakers and to help people feel like they know him before they ever meet him.


7. Stephen Engasser

Stephen, a Realtor from Parkland, Florida, often works with clients from out of state. Since it’s difficult to get together in person, Stephen’s using video messages to stand out against competitors and humanize the process all from afar.

Using a whiteboard with the recipient’s name on it gets attention and lets them know that it’s a relevant video which increases play rates.


Get Issue Six of 7 Stories

Download Issue Six of 7 Stories and get access to more trips and tricks and the full success stories from Joe, Drake, Jay, Natally, Will, Regent, and Stephen. Then apply their successful tips to your business. Use video to help differentiate yourself and stand out among your competition.





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