Using Family in Video: It’s Personal and Increases Open Rates

July 20th, 2017

So often as a Mortgage lender, you’re the guy that’s all business. Asking for W2’s, bank statements, and many other documents. Just trying to get the deal done.

Take it from Joe Soto, of Summit Funding in Cypress California, sometimes you have to bring some extra special guests to connect with clients on a deeper level and build relationships.

Watch how Joe incorporates his family to help “put things on a more personal level.” Videos with his family help increase open rates, connect with clients, and they help him break through to win more business.

Read time: 2 minutes 20 seconds
Video length: 1 minute 50 seconds
Takeaway: Incorporating Family Gets Open Rates and Connects with Clients


Everybody Gets those Generic Emails

Joe use to use a simple whiteboard as an attention-getting opener in his videos. However, since his office has a lot of pictures, he changed it up and held up a photo of his family, and people liked it. Since then, he’s used them in his videos to help keep it personal. “What I felt was that it puts things on a more personal level. Everybody gets those generic emails on Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it’s very few people who show pictures of their family and even fewer people have their people speaking with them. It was a great way to connect on a much deeper level.”

Send Love From Home – From Everyone

Like most people, Joe is home for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean he can’t send a personal greeting. Joe incorporates his whole family in his holiday videos. “I’ve been home on most holidays, so I went and bought a little tripod and selfie stick, and we would record videos together. I’d include my wife, my two kids, and even my dog sometimes…I noticed open rates were super high.”

Increase Open Rates

From the moment Joe set down his whiteboard and started his videos with a picture he realized that people really enjoyed his videos and his personal side. From that it grew into something that he takes on with his whole family, “my kids get a kick out of it. It’s something we bond over.”

Allowing your personal life to be present in your business life through video and “showing love to past, present, and future clients” will help you connect deeper, form bonds and win more business.

A big thank you to Joe Soto for sharing his story and being a long-time BombBomb customer.


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