How To Use Video in Email and Texts to Sell Cars

Last Updated April 30th, 2018

On April 17th we went LIVE on the BombCast with Automotive Sales Professional Kinny Landrum. He shared with us how he earned salesperson of the year by connecting and creating opportunities through video in email. We enjoyed diving into how he uses video to help him sell cars. Watch BombCast Episode 18 below.

Kinny breaks down his use of video to give a service instead of just getting the sale. He finds easy ways of connecting with clients, past clients and prospects by planting seeds through video along the way, which creates an authentic relationship with anyone he meets. Scroll to 12:56 in the BombCast to see just how personable Kinny is with his clients.

Here are two takeaways from this episode

Send Video through Email to Sell Cars…and MORE 


Very few sales reps in the automotive industry are using direct video through email, text and social media to connect with their clients and sell cars. Kinny likes to break the ice with his customers before they even get to the dealership by sending video through text message. Not only is Kinny reaching the prospective client, but he also makes sure to follow up with anyone who comes through his door, even customers who don’t end up purchasing a vehicle.

In 17:02, Jason talks about differentiators and how email and text through video is one for Kinny. According to an article by the U.S. Small Business Association, “Selling is a tough business, but a salesperson or business owner with integrity is a huge differentiator and goes a long way to creating a compelling customer service experience.”

Kinny does just this and develops a relationship that ultimately decides if the customer is going to do business with him or not. Video through text turns the volume down in sales and doesn’t put the customer on the spot.

Stay Consistent with Your Sends


Whether you have two videos or 1,000, you have to build a way to stay consistent with your sends. You start to build up connections and conversations when you send out videos along a buyers journey even after the sale. Kinny makes sure to keep up with past clients birthdays or anniversaries and sends personalized videos on these days. This is Kinny’s secret to getting repeat and referral business.

If you’re looking for a way to standardize your video process, Kinny recommends  creating text snippets, which Jason goes over at 17:43. This makes it easy to compose pre-written messages that you can save in your iPhone and insert with your BombBomb video. This will save you time and allow you to stay in contact with your clients.


For more video and marketing tips, watch the full episode posted above.

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