Two Brothers & Two Industries Rehumanizing Their Communication – Bombcast Episode 13

Last Updated March 8th, 2018

On February 26th we went live in Las Vegas with Dan and Michael from The Nathanson Brothers Real Estate Team. They talked to us, not only about the marriage between real estate and mortgage but also about the marriage between information and emotion in their videos. These brothers have been using video to communicate in their business for years and have lots of experience to share.

3:00 – When did you guys first start leveraging video?
Michael and Dan have been using video in their business for over 10 years now. Once the Nathanson Bros saw that videos were becoming the trend, they jumped right in and they really mastered the human part of using video!

3:30 – What were some of the first videos you guys put out?
The Nathanson Bros have kept the same approach to video over the years. They use video to answer real estate questions their clients often have. They also use video to help accomplish their goal of building relationships. “We want to make people comfortable with the process, comfortable with us.”

4:00 – What was the process like back then?
Matt and Dan explain to Jason – “It was copy and paste” and “was using a flip camera.” By starting so early, the Nathanson bros have been able to be big leaders in the video realm.

5:00 – When did you really see the “aha” moment?
Dan told a story of how he ended up meeting a big writer he knew. While talking to him, Dan discovered that the guy knew who he was because of all the videos he had been creating. “That was the moment for me that I went – it works!” Michael followed up with “We really started hitting videos hard at that point realizing that people are going to know us.”

8:00 – How has the process changed for you guys?
Dan talked about how their videos are very real and represent their personalities well. They also said through practice, they’ve been able to cut down the amount of takes they do.

10:00 – Where do you guys go to get your inspiration?
“From talking to people, whether they’re clients or VIP business partners, whoever it may be, whenever a question comes up we sit and go “oh we could do a video on this!”

12:30 – What is mass distribution versus one-on-one video?
Dan and Michael talked about how they like to follow up with one-on-one BombBomb videos after meeting a new connection. For the masses, they keep a database and send out informational videos with content they think people need to know.

Bombcast Episode 13

16:00 – how have you navigated the switch from real estate into mortgage?
“People make decisions based on emotion and they back it up with logic. If I can help make them feel more comfortable that the borrower has been qualified, that their assets have been qualified, their income, their credit, everything is verified, and that a real live human being is here, it helps make them feel more comfortable.” Overall, Dan works to help people get their homes and help real estate agents make more sales. As a real estate agent, Michael said he’s never been called by a loan officer, which is why he thinks his brother is doing things right.

18:30 – How do you measure your success?
Michael says, “Is it how many views you get? No, not for us. It’s all about the engagement.” Personal interaction is what it’s about. Dan and Michael are great at working on building those relationships.

20:00 – Is there time where you’ve seen something just not work?
There needs to be a marriage between useful information and then emotion, human stuff. Dan explains that, “When we connect at a human level, that’s when we get the most response.”

25:00 – How are you looking to influence and target people?
Michael and Dan do a lot to connect with people. Between networking events and meetings, they make a lot of connections. They also call past clients and partners and ask who they need to meet. Dan says they schedule coffees, lunches, and events every week to meet more and more people.

28:30 – How long has it taken you guys to do this?
“It’s take a while.” they kept at it, even if they didn’t see results and the key was to continue working. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success comes from hard work that is happening consistently.


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