Travis Robertson: 3 Video Email Scripts Any Agent Can Use

Last Updated February 23rd, 2016

“Anything you would educate anybody on in an email or phone call can also be done using video.”

Real estate coach Travis Robertson shared this though in a conversation at the BombBomb office recently.

Video email, of course, offers several advantages over text emails and phone calls.

To list a few …

  • You can record a video once and send it over and over again to different people as needed.
  • It’s often easier to explain and teach things by talking rather than writing it all out.
  • Video engages more senses and includes nonverbal communication, so it provides richer education and more personal connection.
  • People can watch it on their own time.
  • Video capitalizes on your best sales asset … YOU!

So what can real estate agents – or any sales professional – say in videos? How do you provide value through video and bring to life your value proposition? Which video emails should you start sending first?

We asked Travis – and he shared 3 specific opportunities.


Travis Robertson’s 3 Video Emails for Real Estate Agents

Watch this 4 minute 35 second video for very clear explanations of each of the 3 video emails – and even see Travis perform parts of them.

Stay through the end for a great story about a child picking a family’s real estate agent.


Video Email 1: The Market Update Video

Every month, your board releases market statistics. But consumers don’t so much care about the statistics – they care what the stats mean to them as homeowners, potential sellers, and potential buyers.

Look for key trends and pull out the stories from the stats. Then record a simple video and send it out.

“If you’re buying, this is what it means to you. If you’re selling, this is what it means to you. If you’re currently renting, here’s what this means to you and here’s what I would be doing if I was in your shoes. I can provide more information. Give me a quick call.”

“That video email going out once a month is valuable,” says Travis. “People will watch it because they want to know.” And BombBomb tracks all the opens, clicks, plays, and more – so you know who’s most interested.

And don’t just send it to your new leads, responsive leads, and non responsive leads. “You also send it to your past clients because if they have a home, they all want to know what’s going on in the market.”


Video Email 2: The Lead Response

“While everyone else is sending out text-based emails, here comes a video that says …

‘Hey, I got your information, but I’m in a meeting right now. As soon as I get done, I’ll give you a quick call. Here are some resources for you.'”

Again, watch the video above to see Travis perform this. And to get some notes on how it personalizes you and differentiates you – key factors in any competitive sales situation.

You want to generate a reply or response, get on the phone, set an appointment, then get together in person.

Leading with video email is the next best thing to being there in person. You’re building trust, rapport, and connection earlier in the process. And, again, differentiating yourself from others who may be in the running.


Video Email 3: The Meeting Follow Up

After any meeting – or even after a phone call – “Walk outside, grab your phone, send a little selfie video.”

“Mr and Mrs Johnson, thank you so much for your time today. I am so looking forward to working with you. We’re going to get your house sold. Here’s what you can expect next. I’m going to be reaching out to you tomorrow. And then we’re going to get this done and this done. If you have any questions here’s my cell, here’s my email.”

“It just puts people’s minds at ease. There are so many different ways you can use video. And it doesn’t have to be highly produced.”

Click here for more on video quality and trust.


Want the Full Conversation with Travis Robertson?

The clip in this post comes from our 22 minutes 29 second conversation with Travis about:

  • how he started in speaking, coaching, and real estate
  • the changing landscape of real estate
  • what consumers want today
  • timeless strategies to employ
  • new tactics to take on
  • the 5 stages of the sales process
  • a 360 marketing strategy
  • why now is the best time to get started with video
  • more!


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