Top 5 Takeaways From the BombBomb Sessions at Rehumanize 2019

Last Updated May 14th, 2019

Last week, BombBomb hosted our very first Rehumanize Video Influencers Summit – a first-of-its-kind event to help business professionals rehumanize their businesses and communication with video. Hundreds of people flew into Denver from all over the world to come hang out with us and receive training, tips, and insights from us and other video influencers on how to be successful with video.

But the first day of the event was all about how to get the most out of your BombBomb account.

Here are our top five takeaways from the BombBomb Sessions that took place at Rehumanize 2019!


1. We were there in the presence of family – not customers.

One of the biggest pros to video is that you can be “there” even when you can’t be there. Getting face-to-face with people through video makes building relationships so much more realistic than through plain text, which is why all of us at BombBomb do what we do. We believe that video is the way of the future, and anyone who uses our product does, too. The Rehumanize conference was living, breathing proof of this phenomenon.

When looking around the ballroom and the hallway, there were very few introductions and awkward hand-shakings. In their places were lots of hugging, moments of enthusiastic recognition (“Oh, I recognize you! We spoke on the phone when I was having trouble with my account!”), and picture-taking. These people are more than our customers; we talk to them and see them so much, they’re like our family.


2. We’ve got a big ol’ BHAG.

The first speaker during the Rehumanize kickoff was BombBomb’s Co-Founder and CEO Darin Dawson. Darin spoke a bit about the history of BombBomb, as many people don’t understand the story behind our “Rehumanize the Planet” mantra. In doing so, he shared something that not many people get to hear outside of BombBomb – our BHAG (otherwise known as our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) to rehumanize the dehumanized.

After explaining the goal to end dehumanization in a movement that would show every single person has intrinsic value, Darin then shared a bombshell that would allow everyone in the room to participate in this BHAG with us. People in the room could refer organizations they’re involved with, and those organizations would receive free BombBomb accounts to use video in their own rehumanization process. Now that’s a solid plan to help us achieve this goal together.


3. People love video and the idea of using it.

Obviously, attendance at Rehumanize was expected to be a hit. But we weren’t sure how the BombBomb Sessions would go, as we provided this space specifically for BombBomb customers who wanted to learn more about the BombBomb product. We were initially astounded, with two-thirds of the ballroom filling up with people at the kickoff time. But we were even more surprised as more people started piling in.

Two hours later after many more people arrived, nearly the entire room was full. Looking around, you could see most people with their laptops open, their BombBomb accounts on display as they attempted to follow along with presenters. Many people scribbled on notepads furiously, one attendee even admitting they took seven pages of notes. We even had a small group of people attend who did not subscribe to BombBomb, which just goes to show the impact that video is making on the business world.


4. Camera anxiety is definitely a thing.

One segment that we covered in our BombBomb Sessions was camera anxiety. We know about this issue because we obviously have heard much about it from our customers, and it’s easy to empathize with our customers from our own video struggles. No one gets over the shock of being on camera that fast. But this concept didn’t actually come to life until we saw an entire room of people become vulnerable in revealing just how much this bothers them.

When the room was asked how many people could relate to having anxiety or fear about being on camera, an overwhelming amount of hands went into the air. Even more joined them when asked who else in the room identified as perfectionists. At this point, nearly the entire room sat with their arms extended, showing us that this is a real problem in holding people back from being successful with video and something we need to create more resources for.


5. Use cases are a must.

Sometimes it’s easy to be sold on software (or even hardware!) that promises to give a solution for every single pain point you have. In that moment it seems like an easy choice to say yes, but afterward, many people tend to get lost because putting things into practice is a different ballgame. During the BombBomb Sessions, we provided attendees with many examples in our presentations of how they can use various aspects of the BombBomb product – and they lived for it.

Several people took smartphone photos of the slides with use cases listed, and others attempted to quickly write down all of the use cases they were seeing and hearing. One person even stood up to share a recommendation of how to get the most out of the screen recorder function. And when attendees found out they would receive recordings of the entire event so they wouldn’t risk missing information, the room erupted in cheers.


Those who came to Rehumanize got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime start to a magical, video-filled journey. Rehumanize isn’t about BombBomb – it’s about building relationships and connecting with others through a humanizing process of being face-to-face. If you weren’t able to attend Rehumanize this year, don’t worry – rest assured that we will have another relationship-building event next year and for many more years to come.

Did you attend Rehumanize? How did you like it? What was your favorite part/presentation?

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