Top 10 Real Estate Listing Video Creators

Last Updated December 4th, 2017

If you’re looking for a real estate professional who creates great home tour and listing videos, you’re in the right place.

Our Real Estate Video Influencers project presented by Tom Ferry includes the top 10 real estate Listing Video creators, plus five honorable mentions.

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Top 10 Listing Video and Home Tour Creators

Congratulations to the top 10 agents and the five honorable mentions in home tours and listing videos! This was an extremely difficult category to judge with so many quality entries. While we saw many highly produced samples, we focused on the story that each video told and how well they were able to explain the amenities and characteristics of each home.

We took into consideration the human element first. If a video did not have the real estate agent, homeowner, or even actors to help bring the home to life, they were eliminated from the competition. Needless to say, slideshows need not apply.

What we ultimately came up with was a balanced list of videos that includes both highly produced videos and videos every agent can create. Check out the top agents in the Listing Video category and get inspired by their creations!


1 Raj Qsar

The Boutique Real Estate Group, Corona del Mar, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Raj Qsar

Who can tell the story of a home and why it’s so magical better than the person who specifically built the home, custom to his family’s wants and needs? We love this video because we can see and feel why this home is so important to the homeowner.

Raj is no stranger to awards. In 2017, Raj was named The Real Estate Influencer of The Year by Inman News. In 2016, Raj was named to the prestigious Swanepoel Power 200 Honoring the Most Powerful 200 People in Residential Real Estate. On his YouTube channel, you can find a variety of interviews with him where he discusses how important it is for real estate agents to utilize video in their business. Raj truly captures the luxury and cinematic essence of his high-end listings, on top of leveraging unique storytelling within his highly produced listing videos.

Download the guide from here in this post for tips from Raj on hiring a videographer and marketing your listing videos.


2 Tim Smith

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Newport Beach, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing

Tim Smith and The Smith Group do a great job of incorporating playful creativity and sophistication into their videos to help bring the homes they sell to life! Every video includes actors that reenact what it would actually be like to live in each home and the neighborhood it’s in. The Smith Group is a top-producing team that has been named Coldwell Banker’s #1 Real Estate Team from Orange County to the Desert since 2009.


3 Amy Youngren

North Group Real Estate, Toronto, ON | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Amy Youngren

Amy appears in each one of her real estate videos and makes it a point to mention the top reasons “why you are going to love this home” in every one. In these listing videos, Amy is personable and professional. According to her bio, Inman named her one of the Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate, and last year, nominated her for Most Innovative Agent, a credit to her video marketing strengths.


4 Melanie Galea

RE/MAX La Biche Realty, Fort McMurray, AB | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, melanie galea

Melanie appears in every listing video. She methodically plans out and injects local insights and value. She creates videos for all of her listings in a variety of price ranges.

Melanie’s created a solid formula of appearing at the beginning of the video, talking about the seller’s favorite features of the home, showcasing the home on its own, and finally closing the video with a call-to-action. Melanie is taking advantage of Facebook’s features that allow her to caption her videos – this way, users can watch the video while their phone is on silent!


5 Brian Ladd

Ladd Group Real Estate, Bend, OR | YouTube | Facebook

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Brian Ladd

Brian makes wonderfully produced listing videos in which he’s always the host. His videos are extremely serene and have a consistent feel when showcasing a home. He is able to describe all aspects, internal and external, of each home. Brian also uses amazing aerial shots to showcase the home and its surrounding neighborhood.

Brian delivered a thoughtful and detailed video exclusively for this project. Download the complete, educational Real Estate Video Influencers guide for access to his listing video tips!


6 Gary Gold

Sold By Gold, Beverly Hills, CA | YouTube | Facebook

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Gary Gold

Gary is known for his creative use of technology, marketing, and publicity to sell some of the finest homes in the world. He was the agent responsible for selling the Playboy Mansion for $100 million! Gary is an excellent host in each video, perfectly describing each house and its amenities. He ventures through the property and showcases each feature he explains. His videos are well made, professional, and aesthetically pleasing.


7 Dawn McKenna

Dawn McKenna Group, Chicago, IL | YouTube| Facebook

real estate listing video, real estate, real estate marketing, video marketing, email marketing, Dawn McKenna

Dawn is another realtor who is consistently producing high-quality videos for her listings that allow her to be the host. With nearly $1 billion in sales since being named a 2003 Coldwell Banker Rookie of the year, the Wall Street Journal and Coldwell Banker now place her in the list of Top 10 Sales Associates in North America. Dawn starts off her videos with a quick description of the home and all of its features, and then goes on to showcase a tour of the home and the surrounding neighborhood. Her videos are fun, professional, and inviting!


8 Jenn Shields

Shields Group, Brandon, MB | YouTube | Facebook

real estate listing video, email marketing, video marketing, real estate, Joyce Rey

Check out this backstory – Jenn recently conquered her fear of video and has become the face of her and her husband’s company! Jenn creates fun and personal videos that allow viewers to easily connect with her on screen. She’s a terrific narrator and speaks to all of her favorite features, which is helpful when looking for home perks.

Click to play Jenn’s video embedded below to learn how they get their listing videos done in-house and how they use Facebook to get them seen.


9 Steve Halpern

The Halpern Team, New York, NY | Vimeo | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, email marketing, video marketing, real estate, Steve Halpern

Steve is putting together extremely creative and fun listing videos! In one video he titles The Space to Be You, he showcases two adorable children, multiplied, and shown in a variety of different ways. He does the same thing with mom and dad, who are shown practicing yoga, enjoying coffee, reading, and eventually getting ready for date night with one another! The fun nature of this video brings this home to life in a way that photos could never do. This single video epitomizes many of his listing videos on his Facebook page.

Download the guide through the form below to hear directly from Steve about using actors, standing out, and distributing listing videos.


10 Joyce Rey

Coldwell Banker Previews International, Southern CA | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

real estate listing video, email marketing, video marketing, real estate, Joyce Rey

Joyce Rey is nationally recognized as one of the most influential figures in real estate today. She’s consistently releasing listing videos on a regular basis and often using models to help her tell the story of each home. Her videos are sleek and sophisticated and showcase all of the home’s features in their best light. Her videos make each home look glamorous, using a mixture of different angles and camera shots. It is evident that Joyce knows exactly how to market a home in a luxurious and personable way!


Honorable Mentions 2017 Listing Video Category

(Listed alphabetically by last name)


Jay Glazer – The Glazer Team, New York, NY | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram

Ranked as the 68th ranked team by sales volume and the 80th ranked team in New York State by Real Trends and WSJ, Jay Glazer and his team are a high performing group that tends to think outside the box. Jay has the ability to tap into the emotional aspect of buying and selling a home, and we see this gift in his videos!


Brian Teyssier – Brian Sells Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Brian creates a great professional video and then ends it with a screen share of him showing the neighborhood through Google Maps. This is a unique touch that we’d not yet seen. Brian is posting multiple videos every week on his social channels, sending them out in video emails, and continuing to crush it!


Neal Ward – Compass, San Francisco, CA | Facebook | Instagram

Neal creates extremely professional listing videos for every single listing he has. He makes excellent use of actors, neighborhood highlights, aerial views, and descriptions throughout all of his videos. In 2015, Neil earned the Wall Street Journal’s #19 ranking in Total US Sales Volume, making him #2 among San Francisco agents and the #1 agent by Average Sales Price in the city at $10.6 million per transaction.


Carrie Wells – Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate, Aspen, CO | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Carrie makes unique and fun videos that appear similar to high-end news pieces that describe each home in great detail. Carrie often makes it a point to appear in her listing videos to showcase a specific feature or amenity.


Stephanie Younger – The Stephanie Younger Group: Compass, Los Angeles, CA | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

The Stephanie Younger Group was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the Top Real Estate Team in Silicon Beach. She’s consistently creating quick, informative videos on her listings with concise descriptions and sometimes even using actors to give the home a deeper story.



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