Tips from the First BombBomb User to Send 10,000 Videos – Bombcast Episode 11

Last Updated February 7th, 2018

On February 1st, we went live on the BombCast with Danny Doerksen, very likely the very first salesperson to record and send 10,000 videos for the purpose of building relationships and increasing sales.

In his three years working at BombBomb, Danny’s developed winning video strategies and built a mountain of video-for-sales knowledge.

If you’re looking to get more leads and sales through video, you’ll love some of the great tips he shares in this episode.


5 Key Takeaways from Sending 10,000 Videos


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1 Start Your Communication with a Video Email Rather Than a Phone Call

People often follow up a phone call with a video email. Danny, on the other hand, likes to do the very opposite. He explained how he likes to help people put a face to a name and by doing so, he’s more likely reach the person through a phone call later on. “Video has helped me establish relationships I wouldn’t have been able to with just phone calls or text based messages. It helps build friendships.”


2 Laughing with Someone Takes Your Relationship to the Next Level

According to Danny, “Laughing with someone helps you take that relationship from level one to level three.” He talked about how you should start off your communication with a professional video email but then explains that, as you get to know your audience, you can start to have some fun with your videos. Danny also talked about how important it is to have fun and laugh in order to build relationships.


BombCast Episode 11


3 Video Saves Time

Let’s be real. Most of us wish we had more time to communicate and build relationships. Lucky for you, sending out a video message can often be a lot quicker than typing out a long email. Danny says, “Selfishly I use video because it does save me time. I can get 20 or 30 messages out in a day. It’s quicker and it’s building reports. It’s a win win.” When you send out a BombBomb video, you’ll get engagement analytics! Danny told us how he loves being able to see these analytics for every email he sends.


Use a Whiteboard to Make Your Videos More Personal

Danny shared that, “A $5 investment has helped make me a lot of money as a salesperson.” You have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention at the beginning of a video. Danny does this by writing the recipients name on a whiteboard! By sending a personalized message, you’ll be more likely to grab their attention right away.


BombCast Episode 11


5 Don’t Delete a Video Because of Minor Mistakes

A lot of people feel the need to keep re-recording until they achieve a perfect video. Danny encourages us to do the very opposite. “The umms in there or the coughs or the sneezes or whatever just humanize you.” Obviously you cough or sneeze or mess up your words when talking to someone in person. By leaving little mistakes in your video, it will feel more like an in-person interaction – which is the goal! Humanize the planet.



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