Snap a Custom Thumbnail Image for Your Mobile Video

November 23rd, 2015

From the “you asked for it, so we built it” file: you can now snap your own custom thumbnail image for your mobile video emails with BombBomb.

Now live in Android.

Now live in iPhone and iPad.

To see the iOS mobile thumbnail process, click here.

For Android, read on!

See how it works. And pick up a couple top tips!


Snap a Thumbnail Image for Your Mobile Video Email in Android


Step by Step: Shooting Your Thumbnail Image in the Mobile App

Step 1: Open Up the App

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Step 2: Click “REC”

The record button is always at the center of the app in the lower menu. From left to right, you also have Relationships, Videos, (REC), Emails, and Settings.

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Step 3: Record Your Video

Tap the big red circle to start recording, then the big red square to stop.

TIP: Immediately after you start recording, be sure to look into the lens, rather than at your screen. This will help you look into your viewers’ eyes.

That eye contact is where so much of the value of video email comes into play (more here and here).

record video, send video, send video email, mobile app, Android app, BombBomb


Step 4: Snap Your Custom Thumbnail Image!

No longer are your mobile video emails subject to the whims of the random frame picker. Pick your own!

Click “Thumbnail” in the lower right.

The camera counts down 2, 1, (snap).

Make eye contact and smile! Your thumbnail’s captured.

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Step 5: Type in the Email Address and Any Message You’d Like

Send to one email address. Or two or three. Or even pick a list of addresses from your BombBomb account. Start typing and autofill options will appear for you.

Typing additional text any mobile text field – like the one show – is optional.

Click here to learn how to choose your mobile email design.

Tap the orange “Send” button when your mobile video emails ready.

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Step 6: Your Video Email Arrives with Your Thumbnail Image

This is a sample video email I sent to myself in a BombBomb email design.

Your videos will be sent with your design, branding, and contact information – and, of course, with the thumbnail image you snap in the app.

thumbnail image, video email, send video, send video email, BombBomb, mobile app, Android


Two Top Tips for Your Mobile Thumbnail Image

Tip 1: Match Your Video and Thumbnail Orientation (Portrait or Landscape)

Portrait: If you record a vertical video, snap a vertical thumbnail image.

Landscape: If you record a horizontal video (generally recommended), snap a horizontal thumbnail image.

Your thumbnail image will appear distorted (too wide or too tall) in the email if you mismatch the video and the thumbnail orientation.

portrait mode, landscape mode, horizontal video, vertical video, thumbnail image, mobile video thumbnail, BombBomb, mobile app


Tip 2: Match Your Camera for Video and for Thumbnail

If you record your video with the main camera, the thumbnail will be shot from the main camera.

If you record your video with the front-facing camera, the thumbnail will be shot from the front-facing camera.

The example above was recorded and shot with the front-facing camera.

front facing camera, rear camera, main camera, Android camera, video thumbnail, thumbnail image, BombBomb, mobile app, mobile video email


Will This Be Available for iPhone and iPad?

Yes! We recently built an Android camera, providing us more control and permitting us to give you faster and more consistent videos from your Android smartphone or tablet through the BombBomb mobile app.

Adding in this thumbnail image capture was an immediate addition to that project.

From there, we turned our attention to the iOS camera to give you mobile video thumbnail control there, too! Click here to see it.


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