Three Ways Non-Profits Can Use Video to Increase Donations

Last Updated September 13th, 2018

We recently had Alex Tunell, an Inside Sales Representative here at BombBomb, join us on Straight from the Source to share some tips on using BombBomb in the non-profit world. Alex works with a couple of non-profits here at BombBomb who are killing it with their videos. Check out the video below to get some great tips on using video in the non-profit space.


3 Ways Non-Profits Can Use Video to Increase Donations


During this episode of Straight from the Source, Alex shared how non-profits are using video to connect and keep in touch with donors. Here are 3 great tips on using video as a non-profit:


Tip #1 Use Video Email to Follow Up with Donors

Sending follow ups is so important! It shows the recipient that you really care and appreciated their inquiry or donation. Alex talked about the importance of a good follow up video as a nonprofit organization. Personally, Alex says he records videos right after an interaction with someone. This way, the conversation is fresh in his mind.

Another tip Alex gave with his video emails is to include the same messaging in the video AND the text of the email. Some people may not be in a place where they can watch the video but they can read the text. Make sure you cover all the bases in your messaging so you can reach people no matter what.


Tip #2 Use Video Email to Stay Top-of-Mind as Your Database Grows

As a nonprofit, one goal is to continually grow your database. Alex talked about the importance of staying top-of-mind as you continue to grow. How are you keeping people informed? How are you keeping people engaged? Send out BombBomb videos regularly to stay top-of-mind! Alex says, “All you need to record a good video is your mobile device.”

Another bonus when you send BombBomb videos is that you can easily ask people to reply with video. BombBomb allows anyone to respond to a BombBomb video email with another video. Alex recommends asking your database to respond with a customer testimonial. This is an easy way to collect videos for your website or for newsletters you want to send out!


Tip #3 Tell the Story of What’s Going On with Their Investment

Alex shares that “The thing about the nonprofit world is that it’s not a transaction.” Any donation you get is not a transaction but an investment. Typically the money follows once someone is already emotionally invested. Because of that, it’s important to KEEP donors emotionally invested and video is a great way to do that.

Alex explained how a couple of nonprofits who use BombBomb do a great job of sending out project updates. Tell a story through video and show people what’s going on with their investment. Alex says, “If they see progress, they’ll want to give to that progress.” It’s easy to create or upload videos into your BombBomb account so you can send them out to donors on a regular basis.


Are you using BombBomb for your non-profit? Start a free trial and get started with video today!


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