The Words You Use Matter

Last Updated August 31st, 2018

The words you use matter. Words can make or break a sale. Words can make you friends or enemies. Words can build trust or build a wall.

We recently sat down with a few of our Business Development Representatives here at BombBomb – Jessica and Eleah! We chatted about the importance of words, Power Words in particular. What are Power Words? Jessica and Eleah explained how they use a couple of important words in their work that make a huge difference. By using power words, they are able to better engage their viewers.

Jessica and Eleah mostly communicate through video so they try to use power words within the first few seconds of every video they send. The key is to use the right power word in every situation in order to capture the viewer’s attention within the first five seconds. Check out the main power words they use in the videos they send out every single day.


People like to know why! Why you’re sending them a video. Why they should respond to your message. Why they should work with you. Jessica shared during the interview that people are 94% more likely to cooperate if you use the word ‘because’.


“In a Yale study, “You” ranked as the number one, most influential power word in English.” Jessica and Eleah emphasized the importance of the word YOU in our interview. People like to hear about themselves and how something will affect them. When you use the word “You,” you are putting the focus back on the customer which can increase how much they like you. The customer wants to be taken care of.


One of the worst case scenarios is when your customer is confused or unsure of how a product applies to their life. Keep your customers from confusion by telling them “How To.” How to use the product in their business or lives. How to be better at what they do while using our product.


This is a good word to use for visual learners. Jessica explained how she likes to say “Imagine how this can help you in your business.” This will get certain types of customers on board as they think of the benefits and imagine them in their minds.


These two power words go hand-in-hand since you can use them in the same way. You can send your customers a video message saying “You can expect a call from me” or “Thank you for committing to a call with me” both words are good to use when you want people to follow through on obligations they’ve made. If you say you’re expecting a call with them, they may feel guilty if they miss it. If you thank them for being committed, they will also feel guilty if they have to cancel.

Jessica and Eleah say they’ve both seen an increase on the amount of people who follow through on their calls to action, just by using power words in their messaging. Jessica says, “Find out what’s effective for you and the way you communicate and go with that.”

Are you using any particular POWER WORDS in your business?

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