The Top 9 Takeaways From A First-Of-Its-Kind Live Video Conference.

Last Updated June 3rd, 2019

Last month we held our first ever live video conference, Rehumanize in Downtown Denver. The event brought together real estate and mortgage professionals from across the US, Canada, and even Europe to talk about high-level video strategy. But this event was so much more than a video conference. It was an experience where like-minded people were able to feel connected with one another. The word tribe was continuously used throughout the week. And everyone felt that they were working together towards a bigger goal than just creating content.

But It’d be reminisced for us to not speak about the content provided by our incredible speakers and even employees. We gave insights on our BombBomb sessions earlier this month. But now we’d like to get into the sessions that were held during the main Rehumanize event. Below are our favorite nuggets of wisdom from the top video influencers.

1 Get More Out of the People Who Are Engaging With Your Posts

Kyle Whissel was the opening keynote speaker for our first day of the sessions at our video conference. His presentation was all about squeezing as much juice as you can from a specific piece of content. But this is also applicable to the people who are currently interacting with your content.

Kyle’s presentation was extremely hands on. There were so many key takeaways it’s hard to just pick one. But there one specific suggestion that was so simple and also so overlooked that we had to bring it up. There is so much low hanging fruit that you might not even realize is available to you. Look at the people who are liking your videos. Most of them probably don’t follow your page. Invite them to “like” your business. It’s such a simple concept but so beneficial. We tested this ourselves at BombBomb and we realized that most of the people who have been interacting with our content weren’t even fans.

video conference

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2  Find Your Authenticity

Alex McFadyen was our top Mortgage Video Influencer. He’s using video in incredible ways, but he’s also built a brand that often wouldn’t be seen in the mortgage space. Alex has created a brand all around his pug, Ernie. His Company is called “The Mortgage Pug,” and he includes his pug in all of his videos! Why? Because Alex believes in authenticity! Alex explained that when he started his business “he didn’t want to be just another guy in suit.” He understands that mortgages can sometimes be “stressful, and boring,” so he decided to make it fun! This process has worked wonders for him!

Alex encouraged the audience to find what makes them unique so they could then build their brand off of their true self. To do this, he suggested everyone to ask themselves three very important questions.

  1. Ask SOMEONE you know what comes to mind when they think about you?
  2. Ask yourself what do you want to be known for? What are your core values, what do you want people to think about then they see or hear your voice?
  3. What gets you “FIRED UP”? Think about your interests and passions. What do you CARE about most?

The answers to these questions will help you determine the most important things about you that you should incorporate into your brand.

video conference


3 People Want Real

Christophe Choo was our top Real Estate Video Influencer in 2019. He was a great follow-up presentation for Alex because while Alex spoke about finding your authenticity, Christophe built off how to showcase it.

One of the reasons we love Christophe is because he not only creates personal one-to-one videos on his mobile phone, but he also makes highly produced listing videos. In his presentation, Christophe spoke from the heart without a powerpoint to talk about both of these styles of video, as well as his video journey. What really stood out in Christophe’s presentation was his emphasis on not being afraid to be yourself in your videos. “Whether it’s a high production video, or a mobile video neighborhood tour, people want real. They want the fumbles, they want the candid moments,” explained Christophe.

Christophe encouraged the audience to give their social following a behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day life as a real estate agent. One way he does this is by driving through neighborhoods in his town and talking about the benefits of each one. He explained the importance of communicating not only the good days in your life, but being open about your struggles as well. “It’s so important to be yourself. Share your ups & downs. Share not only how you had a bad day, but also how you recovered from it. People will truly appreciate it.”

Think Differently About Community Videos.

What’s one of the main questions you get asked about your community? In many cases the answer revolves around the school system. Judy Weiniger explained a story about a buyer being hesitant to move to a specific neighborhood because the school had a low rating. And these ratings were something many of her out of state buyers were seeing and worried about as well. But her kids had gone to that exact school and had a wonderful experience.

So Judy decided to take this matter into her own hands. She contacted her district superintendent and all of her local school’s principals to ask if she could film videos about their facilities. In these videos, buyers could “meet the principals” and learn more about the philosophy and curriculum while seeing the building, location, and happy kids and teachers in each school.

Judy thought differently about her community videos in this situation. She took an objection she faced as a real estate agent in her city and created an entire video series to combat it. When you’re working through your community videos, think about the objections you hear every day. Create videos around those topics so that you can use them as a reference whenever you hear them. Creating these videos will also help you build new community relationships, and establish yourself as a community expert.

5 Stop Asking Yourself, “Why Didn’t She Watch My Video?”

Steve Pacinelli’s presentation was a favorite at the Rehumanize live video conference. As BombBomb’s Chief Marketing Officer, he was the ideal person to speak about his topic, “The Psychology Behind Effective Videos.” While there were many key takeaways from his presentation, including his discussion on the importance of using a story structure when communicating with clients about your business, there was one takeaway that really stood out.

Steve discussed an extremely common thought and worry that many of our customers have – “Why didn’t she watch my video?” Steve came right out and explained why this is the wrong mentality to have. Instead of asking yourself why your recipient didn’t watch your video, think to yourself “why would she want to watch my video in the first place?”

Everytime you create a piece of content you should be thinking this way. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What about what you’re saying is valuable to them and why would they want to push play? If you create your video emails with this in mind you should see a much higher play rate in your videos.

But for more hands-on tips – Steve Recommends using the tactics below for to drive both email opens, and video plays.

video conference

video conference

6 Simple Video Is Low Cost & Takes 3 Seconds To Make Someone Smile

Jesse Peter’s presentation was extremely memorable and it talked about all the different types of video he believes all real estate agents should be creating. He started his presentation at the Rehumanize video conference by explaining who he is and why both real estate and building relationships are so important to him. He showed a photo of his family and then he took the time on stage to shoot a simple mobile video right then and there and to send to them. The video was heartfelt and made everyone in the room smile. Which lead him to his first point on the importance on simple one to one video.

Jesse started off by stating “I truly believe this is the most powerful type of video that gets overlooked or not thought of.” Jesse’s then shows an example of a one to one video that he filmed right out in front of the home of one of his former client’s parents. His client had recommended Jesse to his parents to help them sell their home. To thank the client for the referral, he sends a personal video outside his parents’ home. This gesture is incredibly thoughtful and it’s SO easy to do. It takes 2 minutes to make, and 3 seconds to make someone smile. And the best part about it is it’s in the moment! Next time someone sends you a referral think about sending a simple one to one video right out in front of a home. Or next time you show a home to a client, followup with the meeting by sending a video outside of the home they are interested in.

It’s a timely, thoughtful, and powerful form of communication.

Jesse Peters Session, video conference

Want to hear more from Jesse? Check out his listing video tips here!

7 Defining & Communicating your Core Values is Actually Your Best Referral Source.

Kris Lindahl’s presentation of “The Amazing Referral Source No One Is Talking About,” was one of the highlights of day two of the live video conference. With a title like that, you’d think you were walking into a session that is so heavily based on technical tactics that would help you get referrals. But instead Kris came at this topic from a different, more practical angle. He talked about core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization (source.). They are important because many buyers want to work with organizations that match their beliefs. They help you better define your audience, and help you attract like minded customers.

Kris encourages everyone to decide what their core values were, and the values of the organization. Then write these down, place them front and center, and think of them during every decision you make. This becomes more than just simply crafting core values. It’s also important to use these core values to help you choose a nonprofit organization that you feel most inclined to help. This doesn’t just mean you have to give money, giving your time is also a way to benefit people and organizations.

Kris has done this with his team through his #BeGenerous movement. He believes working with nonprofits and giving back not only should be mandatory – but also fundamental. He showed the slide below to highlight the old way of thinking, and the new way that he follows.

Kris Lindahl, video conference
The results of the #BeGenerous movement? “Our best customers AND EMPLOYEES come from word of mouth and strong identification with our Core Values and #BeGenerous movement.”

8 Do One Thing and Go All In (YouTube Optimization)

Karin Carr was one of our “Up and Comers” in our 2018 Real Estate Video Influencers. Karin joined us for a panel on “Video Apps, Tools, Equipment, and Hiring” at our live video conference. On this panel, Karin talked about the bread and butter of her business – YouTube. Karin claims that 70% of her business is actually generated from YouTube. But YouTube is the only video strategy she currently uses. She doesn’t use Facebook or Instagram, and she currently spends no money on lead generation. But that being said, she uses YouTube to its fullest potential. Karin explains, “you don’t have to be on every platform because it’s overwhelming and we’re all busy. If you try to do everything, you’ll suck at all of it. So just pick one, and go all in.”

Some amazing hands on tips Karin gave were a breakdown of the current $50 video kit she uses to shoot all of her videos. She used this kit to show the audience that you don’t need fancy equipment to shoot quality videos. You can create videos that give you a great ROI on a small budget.

She also talked about how she creates topics around search intent. Karin explains, “the great thing about YouTube is that everybody that sees your video was looking for the information. They were out there doing a Google search, and they had intent” explains Karin. She targets topics that people in her area are searching for like “what is the average home price in Savannah,” and creates videos around that topic. Her tool for this practice is FREE and it’s called – Keywords Everywhere.

9 Relationships Are The Whole Point

Ethan Beute is our VP of Marketing and the author of our first book, Rehumanize Your Business. He was the final session at the Rehumanize video conference and his presentation was all about the book itself, and the relationships that were built through video these last ten years.

He started out his presentation speaking to the value of relationships and encouraged everyone to pick two people in their contacts list or social media page that they haven’t heard from recently and send them a quick video. He explained, “when we reach out to people with video it can build relationships even where there was not one to start and it’s a zillion times better than plain typed out text.”

video conference

At the time this post was written, Ethan had sent 7,716 videos and many of these videos were to customers, partners, and even people that he admired. He explained that in writing this book he was met with so much support from the people around him. And just by reaching out to people with a personal video, he was able to use their amazing success stories, and even receive a handful of major endorsements for the book itself. Which is why he continued to remind people to send those personal videos twice a day to people in their contact list. Ethan emphasized that “your success is enabled when you unlock the opportunity to work with, through, and for other people.”

Throughout his speech Ethan continued to motivate the audience to take what they had learned throughout their 2 ½ days at Rehumanize and actually put it into practice. He encouraged them to continue to build relationships with the people they met there. The people they referred to as their “tribe,” as well as the people they already knew. He ended his presentation with one quote that many people resonated with. “There is a better way to work and a better way to live, in connection with each other.”

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Rehumanize was so value packed that we couldn’t not share the information. But there were tons of other presentations that didn’t make this list. If you’re looking for help with lead conversion, gear, BombBomb technical assistance, listing video tactics, video tools and applications, and so much more, you’ll want access to these sessions.

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