The Best Facebook Ad Practices

Last Updated May 10th, 2018

On April 5th, BombBomb friend and fan Craig Veroni joined us on the 15th episode of the BombCast. Craig’s episode was one of our most commented on episodes that we’ve held. One topic that really stood out was Facebook Dark Posts (Unpublished Facebook Posts). So many people had questions on this strategy! Because of this, we decided to dig deeper and ask our fans if they wanted to learn more on running a Facebook Ad. Turns out, they did!

If you’re wanting to get started with Facebook Ads then this is the post for you!

The Best Facebook Ad Practices

The more relevant and timely you can get your advertising, the less you’re going to pay and the more clicks you’re going to get and the more leads you’re going to get. – Justin Stutz

Creating Facebook Ads


Other than the image or video, this is typically the first thing someone will notice on your ads. And it will help determine whether your audience decides to read on or move on to something else. You need to pique their interest right away with a good post title. According to AdEspresso, “The most popular headline is just 5 words long”. Try to keep your titles nice and short. AdEspresso also lists the top 5 words you should try to use in your ads: you, free, because, instantly and new.

Facebook Pixel

What is a Facebook Pixel you ask? Essentially, it’s a code that helps you track conversions from your Facebook Ad. If your ad is linking to your website then you’ll want to use a pixel. When you create your ad, you can create a pixel and add that code to your website. You can then track actions and plan retargeting ads. Here is a great article for getting started with Facebook Pixels: The Facebook Pixel: What It Is and How to Use It


As we mentioned before, adding a Call-to-Action button is very important. What is the ultimate goal of your ad? Is it to capture leads? Add a call to action that encourages people to sign up for your newsletter email. Is it to get more interest in your newest listing? Add a call to action that encourages people to check out the listing on your website. Some simple call to action buttons include:

Listing Information: “Learn More”
Newsletter: “Sign Up”
Open House: “More Details”

Image Size and Video Length

In the past, more landscape sizes have been recommended for Facebook. BUT according to a new study from Buffer, “Square video (1:1) takes up 78% more real estate in a person’s mobile newsfeed than landscape video (16:9).” It’s also important not to add too much text to your ad. Keep it simple. Here’s some more great tips on sizing: The Size Guide for Facebook Ad Images.

If you choose to do videos for you ads rather than images, you need to remember these 2 things. First, keep your videos to 1 minute of less in length. People don’t head to Facebook to watch extremely long videos. It is also important to generate captions for your videos. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio.

For more info on how to create successful social media videos – click here.


When it comes to ad budgets, there are a lot of opinions and studies floating around the internet. Budgets will vary depending on the ad and the audience. During a BombCast episode with Justin Stutz, Justin emphasized the importance of Facebook Ads saying, “Facebook is hands down the cheapest way to market.” You don’t have to pour a ton of money into your Facebook Ads to see results. The best strategy is to A/B test ads with a smaller budget and then put more money towards your better performing ad.

When our marketing team went to VaynerMedia headquarters to spend some time with Gary Vee, they got some great advice regarding ads. What’s the best you can do on a low budget? Think of ads as a game. The goal is to have such a killer ad that, even with a low budget behind it, you crush it. Start with just fifty bucks and see what you can do!


Choosing an audience can make or break your ad’s performance. But how do you figure out the best audience? Justin Stutz told us a great resource during the BombCast: Audience Insights

You can find Audience Insights in your Business Manager dropdown menu. In the Insights tool you can see in-depth details on the audience you choose which can be super helpful. Any information people put in their Facebook profile is information you can use to target. People want ads that are relevant to them – so it’s important to make sure the audience and the message match up well.

Additional Resources

Are you a Real Estate Agent just getting started in ads? Head to our blog post: Four Content Pieces Worthy of a Facebook Ad for Real Estate Agents


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