The Battle of the Platforms – Real Estate Lead Generation, Management, Conversion, Websites, and More

Last Updated October 23rd, 2017

A real estate platform is at the heart of any successful real estate business.Platforms offer lead generation, lead management, lead conversion, website hosting, paid opportunities to generate traffic and more! Choosing the right real estate CRM for you and your business is one of the most challenging and important decisions you can make.

To help, BombBomb CMO, Steve Pacinelli, and VP of Marketing, Ethan Beute, moderated a webinar with founders and leaders of five real estate CRMs including Real Estate Webmasters, Curaytor, Sierra Interactive, Firepoint, and Chime.

This live session, was structured in a way so that each panelist was given a series of rapid fire questions. Some of the questions were asked to all panelists, and some of the questions were only asked to specific panelists. The panelists also shared pricing, gave a live demo of their product, and answered audience questions.

If you would like to watch the full webinar, check out the video below! If you’re short on time, we’ve recapped key questions and times of each of these question in our post below!

At 40 seconds in, Ethan describes what a platform is and how it differs from a customer relationship management platform (CRM.)

They add on additional features aside from customer relationships and contact management. Platforms offer lead generation, lead management, lead conversion, website hosting, paid opportunities to generate traffic and more! Platforms are essentially a more broad system to help you run your business more effectively.

What one standout feature or workflow alone will pay for your product alone? (4:00)

  • Gabe from Firepoint starts this off and mentions that a major feature of Firepoint is their expense tracking and ROI reports. He mentions that no matter what you may be doing to generate sales, if you don’t know where your money’s going, and when your money is coming back, you can’t make the best financial decisions for you and your company.
  • Matt from Chime then answers this question by saying that their best feature is their “smart features,” which automatically score new leads coming into the chime CRM system. It analyzes their behaviors and then instantly suggests smart action plans, which will help you nurture your leads, and then turn them into customers. The smart features can also highlight the leads with the highest chance of converting into an opportunity, so you can really focus your time on where the money is each day.
  • Scott from Real Estate Webmasters answers this question next. He mentions that REW’s biggest strength is the fact that they can differentiate all of their users. This means they can help their customers set themselves apart from other real estate agents by giving them access to customized IDX (internet data exchange) solutions. They are able to help agents emphasize what their biggest strengths are to help them get more traffic and higher conversion rates.
  • Ryan from Sierra Interactive explains how they are a great source for multi-channel lead generation, meaning organic, social channels, or ad words. Sierra Interactive offers tools to help you bring those leads in and also manage services that are complimentary with your subscription. Their sites are built to convert extremely well and offer very customizable lead capture forms. Sierra Interactive customers are always exclaiming that they are seeing a better cost per lead and a higher conversion rate using their services.
  • Finally, Chris from Curaytor answers the same question. At Curaytor, they believe that agents don’t just need a website, they need a system. He goes on to say that the best thing about Curaytor isn’t a feature per say, but instead, their people and their community, and what they are able to create. They’ve built a database of hundreds of thousands of emails and advertisements that clients can sort through based on performance rate, and use, and choose the content that’s most suitable for them and their business. They call this Curaytor brain.

At 9:00 minutes in, Steve follows up with an important question, we all know there are things we can do better in our business, what would you say your biggest weakness is and what are you doing to correct it?

  • Curaytor:  Chris answers the question humbling by explaining that Curaytor’s worst features are the features that many of the other panelists are excelling in. Chris mentions how he noticed that IDX, home search, advanced home search, listing alerts, and automated CMAs were features that so many other companies were excelling in. Curaytor instead decided to focus on other areas.
  • Sierra Interactive: Ryan mentions that Firepoint is currently lacking a native mobile application. He then explains how they realize how necessary this product is, and it is currently in development at the moment, and scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Real Estate Webmasters: Scott from REW explains how his company’s biggest strength is actually one of their biggest weaknesses as well. He mentions how they are able to create really beautiful websites, customized IDX solutions, and codes that take a reasonable amount of time to create.
  • Firepoint: Gabe explains how Firepoint prides themselves as being a platform “by agents, for agents.” He states that some feedback he’s heard from users is about their front facing website. It doesn’t have any videos or “bells and whistles” as Gabe calls it. The Firepoint team has listened to this feedback, and just released a brand new “seller landing page,” and that has video, and they plan to offer users some templates as well.

At 14:22, Steve asks each panelist to give their “elevator pitch” – what does your company do the best, and how do you differentiate yourselves?

Firepoint: (14:32)

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Real Estate Webmasters: (15:31)

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Sierra Interactive: (16:46)

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Chime: (17:38)

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Curaytor (18:13)

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Who is your ideal customer – what type of person does your product serve best? (20:06)

Most of the platforms answer this question similarly because their platforms are so in depth. They all aim to serve top-producing, extremely active agents and teams that are generating many of their leads online.

Where does a traditional CRM end and your all-in-one platform begin? (24:22)

Firepoint, Real Estate Webmasters, and Sierra Interactive answer this question.

Gabe from Firepoint talks about how their system helps you run every transaction smoothly from lead capture, to PPC, to follow-up and texting. Having all of these features in one spot helps agents work smarter instead of hander.

Scott from REW mentions that modern CRMs still need fuel to function well. The CRM has no use if you don’t have the leads coming into it! All-in-one platforms can help agents generate leads, contact them, nurture the relationship, and ultimately, close the deal itself.

Ryan from Sierra Interactive finishes this question off by explaining that platforms not only generate leads, but within the platform itself they are using listing reports, market reports, and monitoring your lead activity on your website.

How or why is your platform easy to use? What kind of training or support do you have for people who don’t find it easy to use? (28:44)

Answered by Curaytor, Chime, and Sierra Interactive.

We hear about books, blogs,, podcasts and more in this segment from Curaytor. Interactive walk-through tutorials from Chime, and client webinars from Sierra Interactive.

What the most important thing for an agent to think about in the choosing the right all-in-one platform for his or her business? (32:48)

Answered by Real Estate Webmasters, Sierra Interactive, and FirePoint.

The themes here were making sure that the people who are talking to you about the product are extremely knowledgeable about the produc. Can they break it down easily enough for you to understand it and see how it could fit into your business? Another question you should ask yourself is what are the main features that will help me move the needle in my business? Does this platform have these features? Finally, ask yourself what are the biggest pain points are in your business. Is there a platform that can address these pain points?

What’s your approach to mobile? How are you serving agents on their phones? (36:20)

Answered by Real Estate Webmasters, Chime, and Curaytor.

What other systems and tools does your platform work with? (41:40)

Answered by Chime, Firepoint, Curaytor, Sierra Interactive, and Real Estate Webmasters.

How and why did you build your platform? (49:15)

Answered by Curaytor, Firepoint, and Chime.

What’s ahead for your platform over the next 2-3 years? What will or won’t you build? (53:20)

Answered by Chime, Firepoint, Curaytor, Sierra Interactive, and Real Estate Webmasters.

Real Estate Platform Pricing: (59:00)


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Real estate, real estate lead generation,

Sierra Interactive

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Real Estate Webmasters

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3 Minute Real Estate Platform Live Demos

  • Curaytor: 1:07:08
  • Chime: (1:12:42)
  • Firepoint: 1:17:00
  • Real Estate Webmasters: 1:22:37
  • Sierra Interactive: (1:29:25)

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about all of our amazing integration partners!

Which CRM was the most intriguing to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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