Successful Selling, Even If You’re Not In “Sales”

February 3rd, 2017

“I’m never happier than when I’m doing something for my students … You guys have changed my life as an educator and you’ve allowed me to stand head and shoulders above any competition.”

Consistent with the thesis of Dan Pink‘s To Sell Is Human, Dr Daniel Smith, Ph. D., C.R.C., N.C.C., L.M.H.C., is successful selling, even though he’s not in “sales.”

An adjunct professor, Dan teaches graduate level courses online and regards his students as his clients. To improve the quality of connection and communication with these customers, he’s using simple webcam videos and tracking for better follow up.

Whether or not you’re formally in sales, you’ll learn something useful from Dan’s approach improving customer experience and increasing differentiation with BombBomb.

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Takeaway: How to be more successful selling products, services, ideas, and opportunities with video communication.


Successful Selling by a Non-Salesperson

Watch Dr Dan Smith’s video above about how he uses simple webcam videos to build client relationships, improve customer service, and differentiate himself as an online educator.

Fun fact: relationships and service are two of our five core values.


Selling, Differentiating, and Serving with Video

“I consider myself to be in sales in the sense that my students are my customers,” Dan says in the video above. “And BombBomb software allows me to stand head and shoulders above the other people teaching in my departments because I can reach out and create a relationship with my students.”

While he’s not in traditional sales like much of our community, he uses video to improve service and differentiate himself like so many who are.

His policy: 24 hour response to any student inquiry with a personal, one-to-one video on student inquiries – detailed, specific, and face-to-face. Especially because he’s teaching online, that type of response is so much more effective than a typed-out text email reply.

“It’s just as easy for me to send a video as it is to type out an email,” he told me. And it’s more natural and human for the student to consume than blocks of typed-out text. Simple videos allow him to “sit in (his) office and reach into their living room, their study, and create a relationship.”

As a consequence: “that student feels special. That student feels respected. And that student feels like they are part of the class.”

“We have established a relationship,” Dan says, so the student is more open and receptive to the “product” (teaching, coursework, wisdom, etc).


Bonus Tip: Like many of our team members and customers, Dan bought a whiteboard for his animated previews. “My students like it when I write their name on it.”

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Tracking for Customer Insight

Using the BombBomb Relationship Score, Dan judges the strength of the relationship “in a glance,” even when he has more than 100 students in a class.

He watches the relationship icons change color from a disengaged red to a highly engaged green throughout the semester as students open emails, click links, play videos, reply with video, and more.

“I can tell who’s watching, how long they’re watching, how many times they’re watching,” explains Dan.

As with people using video and analytics for successful selling of more traditional products and services, Dan uses this insight to reach back out in more timely and helpful ways and to know where each person is with the ideas, information, and calls to action he’s provided.


The Present and Future of Successful Selling with Video

In Dan’s industry, higher education, video “is the way.” Compared to typed-out emails and Powerpoint, video is the way forward for the reasons he shared above.

“Right now, maybe 10% of higher ed college courses and graduate courses are online. Within the next 20 years, it’s going to go to 40%,” Dan says. Building relationships through video improves the quality of online classes for him and, more importantly, for his students.

And he foresees an incredible impact from the use of BombBomb in the future.

“The people I’m working with are going to be therapists and counselors. They are going to be changing lives,” says Dan. “The ripple effect of your software is limitless.”

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That’s the power of human-to-human. That’s the power of face-to-face. That’s the power of relationships through video.


Successful Selling in Real Estate, Mortgage, Nonprofit, and Education

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