10 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Last Updated September 29th, 2017

Do you constantly find yourself posting open house invites and new listings on your social media? Are your friends, fans, and followers not engaging the way you’d hope they would?

We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite social media tips specifically for real estate agents that should be helpful for you to continue to build relationships and generate opportunities!


Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

1 Choose your Recurring Topics

There are so many topics that agents can consistently share with clients. From home renovation tips, to housing reports, and even new businesses popping up in your area. Identify four or more topics that you think your clients would find value in and make a plan to post them regularly.


2 Identify the Influencers in Each Topic Category

Twitter offers a feature where you can create private lists so you can group together influencers. This is something we utilize often at BombBomb, so that we can keep any on the people who are posting the most interesting content on the topics we’ve identified. For real estate news, we recommend following Realtor.com, MSN Real Estate, Inman News, HGTV, and Diana Olick!


3 Use Video

This is a no-brainer. According to WordStream social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. If you’re creating videos for your newsletters already, why not download the file through BombBomb and share them as well? You can even showcase your open houses through Facebook Live as one last attempt to get them to come by!


4 Utilize Forms

So let’s just say you still need to post about that open house. Create a lead generation form (BombBomb allows you to do so) to help get people to RSVP to your event! You can even use forms to ask your customers what kinds of content they’d like to see from you in the future – whether that may be a “first time home buyers guide,” or even an interactive infographic. By continuously engaging your clients, and asking the questions they need answered, you’ll be able to create personalized content that they will respond well to, and help them see you as a expert in your field.


5 Keep Track of Your Social Media Analytics

This seems like a simple statement, but it’s actually really helpful to keep an eye on business page analytics. Some of the analytics we recommend you keep an eye are impressions, reach, comments, likes, and shares. We pull the stats each month and will save all our top posts in case we’re ever in a bind, and need to post something quickly. You can give an old post new life by simply swapping out the photos!


6 Make Sure Your Images are Sized Correctly

Each of the platforms has various sizes that work with their images. The trick is to find an image size that works with all platforms. At BombBomb, we like 940 x 492, and every single one of our social images is sized to those dimensions. Using photos that are properly sized will help your social media sites look professional. We also recommend utilizing websites like Pexels and Pixabay when you need high-quality images that is also free of charge.


7 Share Weekly Neighborhood News & Tips

Is there a cool new restaurant opening up in your City? Or even a local event that you think is worth sharing? Let your sphere of contacts know about all the fun and exciting events happening in your area! Make sure to follow all the local news channels, papers, and bloggers to keep your finger on the pulse, and know what’s worth sharing!


8 Keep an Eye on Stats

Find a reputable source that reports the monthly housing report for your city and share that information with your social fans. We recommend pulling a few of your favorite facts from the reports and utilizing each in a separate post to get more mileage out of the piece. You can even use a tool like Canva, that can help you create images with ease, that highlight these facts in a clean and sophisticated way. Don’t forget to tag your source when doing so!


9 Be Creative with Messenger Applications

We recently explained how you can build rapport with your LinkedIn connections by sharing videos from your BombBomb account through LinkedIn Messages. You can also do the same thing with Facebook Messenger! Send BombBomb videos through the Facebook Messenger app to invite your contacts to like your business page, meet for coffee, or anything else! They’ll be surprised to see you in video that they’ll surely be more engaged!


10 Link Back to Your Monthly Email Blast

Are you sending monthly email blasts to your clients? After spending so much time on this content, it’s best to share the information in order to get the most traction on a specific piece. BombBomb’s highest subscription level, Prompt, creates monthly email content for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. All the agent or broker has to do, is record a video, and select the list of people who they want to receive this email blast. Prompt now offers users the ability to share their email blast on their social pages as well, and even provides users with suggested text, and professionally designed images to help the post receive the most engagement possible!


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