7 Ways to Win with a Simple Video Message

Last Updated February 9th, 2016

A video message. Human and differentiating. Whether one-to-one or to a group, it’s a personal touch.

Tens of thousands of people in a variety of industries are winning with simple video messages sent with BombBomb.


One of these people is Jeff Wagner, a mortgage broker in Houston, Texas. He reached out to us to share a couple ways he’s winning with simple video messages.

We’ll start with his two recent tips, plus five more we picked up by taking a look at what he’s doing.

Watch his video message examples below, then try some of them out for yourself and get 7 video tips we learned from these examples!

“I love your service,” Jeff told us in a recent video message. “It has had a direct impact on my business and I have many more ways that I could share.”


7 Ways to Win with a Simple Video Message

Watch this concise video message Jeff sent to us by video email. In it, he shares the first two video message tips.


“I am just a huge fan of BombBomb … It’s exciting. I’m passionate about it.”



1. LinkedIn Invitations

When Jeff receives a LinkedIn invitation to connect and when he sends one, he reaches out with a personal, one-to-one video message. He offers to buy the person a cup of coffee – bridging the digital divide, both with the video and with the in-person appointment.

We’ve heard many success stories about introducing yourself prior to a call or appointment of any kind.

You can also share your emails and videos straight to LinkedIn and other social networks from BombBomb. Click here to learn more.



2. Targeted Appointment Requests

A 60% conversion rate on appointment setting. Sounds pretty good to me.

Watch Jeff’s video above to hear him talk about targeting real estate agents at a high end agency, sending each a personal video message requesting an appointment.

The takeaway here is focus and intent. He didn’t “blast” all the agents in his network with the ask. He didn’t even blast all the agents in that office.

Instead, he reached out one-to-one with specific individuals with a personal message and clear call to action. This approach likely received a much higher response rate than one of mass mailing the same people.



3. Great to Meet You

When you reach out before an appointment or before your first in-person meeting, people feel like they know you before they even meet you. We hear this all the time.

When you reach out after your first in-person meeting, you leave a lasting first impression and really make an impact. Your one-to-one video email can also include all your contact information for further follow up and easier referral.

Click Jeff’s email to hear his video message for someone he met the night before.

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4. Thank You

This is one of the easiest and best ways to use a video message. You don’t need a script and it capitalizes on the emotion and nonverbal communication that video can deliver.

Here’s a “thank you” for a personal introduction to another professional. Click the email to watch the video.

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5. Happy Birthday

Many of our customers send the VIPs in their network a happy birthday video message with great success; it’s more unique and delightful than many other ways of expressing the same thought. Jeff does, too. He sends several each week.

Here, his video message hits on 3 of BombBomb’s core values: relationships, fun, and humility. Click the email to see it.

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6. Your Network

Most of Jeff’s videos are one-to-one, but he regularly sends video messages to a few dozen real estate agents in his network. New customer referrals to Jeff from the agents in his network are absolutely critical to his success, so he makes the smart investment of time to stay in front of them in a personal and relevant way.

Tips, ideas, articles – he always leads with value.

Here, he shares a tip about following up with leads using the F.O.R.D. technique and using social media.

Click the email to get the tip (it’s a good one)!

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7. Your Team

Keeping your team on the same page is so important. Staying in touch. Building culture. Providing training.

Jeff does a great job sending videos to his team members for these reasons and more.

Jeff came developed a process and a script to generate more mortgage customer referrals from the real estate agents in his network.

In letting us know about this technique, he wrote:

This works big time. I started this last month and secured 4 new deals that made me $17,800 in additional income in one month.”


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A Big BombBomb Thank You

A big BombBomb thank you to Jeff Wagner for making us part of how he communicates and connects more effectively and for sharing these stories with us.

And thanks to you for getting to the close of this post! Hope you found it valuable.

Have a success story of your own? Email: Ethan (at) BombBomb (dot) com … with a video message, of course.



Ethan Beute | About The Author

Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, host of The Customer Experience Podcast, and Wall Street Journal bestselling co-author of Human-Centered Communication and Rehumanize Your Business, Ethan Beute collects and tells stories of clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion through simple, personal video messages. BA: University of Michigan. MBA: University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

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