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Last Updated July 28th, 2015

Customer experience. Client care. Online reviews. More than ever, these things matter in growing your business.

See examples of simple videos from an orthodontist – and learn how and why he sends video email.

Dr. Blair Feldman, an orthodontist in Surprise and Scottsdale, Arizona, is serious about customer experience and client care.

He’s earned a 4.9 rating on 50 reviews here at HealthGrades. He’s featured kindly in this business profile here in The Arizona Republic.

To help tell story of why and how he incorporated simple video into his process, I asked him to send me a simple video (of course). The quotes included here come from that video email.

Why Simple Video: “Instant Connection”

After buying a product recently, Dr. Feldman received a personal video email from a person at the company. “I was blown away at the way I felt. I was instantly connected to this person as soon as they said my name.”

We hear this all the time. The light bulb goes off as soon as someone hits play and hears his or her name. They know it’s a personal and one-to-one video. Together, that effort, impact, and experience is very meaningful. And he wanted to bring that to his practice.

“So the next thing I thought was ‘How can I bring that to my patients? How can I make that connection?'”

Making That Connection

Dr. Feldman started sending simple video of his own. As an orthodontist, he’s got daily opportunities to connect with patients. “I’m always looking for ways to humanize and personalize the technology that we use in my office.”

As a part-time professor and as a speaker and presenter, he’s got frequent opportunities to connect with other professionals through video. “The video emails I’ve sent to my colleagues have been very well received. They really like it. They love the video. They love the format.”

Arriving Differently

“My goal in my patient care and in my communication with other doctors is to arrive differently than everyone else. That’s a big deal. And BombBomb absolutely helps me do that.”

Simple video allows him to be more personal, more human, and more unique. It allows Dr. Feldman to be himself in more touches.

He’s even sent some to friends and family members.


Simple Video Examples: Client Care

One of the most common ways he uses simple video: replacing what he used to call the “Comfort Call.”

“In the old days and our old ways, we would phone call patients after major procedures to check in and see how they were doing.” Most of the time, of course, they just got voicemail. “It was OK. It was a nice touch.”

But now, he does this (click the emails to watch the videos):


simple video, video email, example, sample video email, medical, dental, orthodontics


video email, example, customer experience, simple video, client care, medical, dental, orthodontics


Why He Says He Does This:

  • Control: the video’s tone, mood, feeling, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Content: he can add additional training videos specific to the client’s needs.
  • Tracking: “I can check in and make sure they’re watching thanks to (BombBomb) technology.”
  • Personalization: Notice how he smartly adds the person’s name to the thumbnail so he or she knows it’s just for him or her.

Specific to tracking, Dr. Feldman adds: “That’s really huge because if they don’t watch it, we tend to follow up once with another follow up email or at that point I can make a call.”

He’s received lots of comments on return visits and some positive replies to the emails directly.

From here, he plans to start a quarterly video newsletter to add to his education and marketing efforts. “(I’m) just excited to continue using the product in the future, see what we can get it to do, and see how we can communicate better and personalize that communication with video email.”

In closing: “I’m super happy with the product.”


Your Takeaways

Customer experience and client care are critical. They produce repeat and referral business. They produce more and better online reviews (if you ask). They’re more satisfying to deliver.

Although we didn’t talk about it for this post, I expect that his employee engagement and retention in the office is improved through better client care, too.

Think about the pieces of communication you have in place. Think about which could stand to be more personal and human.

Consider simple video to get some of those jobs done.

Anxious about being on camera? Check this out.

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A Big BombBomb Thank You!

Thanks to Dr. Blair Feldman for making BombBomb part of how he connects with people – and for allowing us to share these examples. Click here to learn more about him.

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