The Shared Belief Behind Human-Centered Communication

Last Updated October 2nd, 2021

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No single person has every answer. But there’s power (and immense knowledge) in numbers. While an individual may not be able to transform an entire way of thinking alone, many people can collectively share their expertise, diverse perspectives, and viewpoints to enable us to learn something that changes the way we do something — like communicate — forever and for the better.

With a concept as broad yet as essential as human-centered communication, it would take more than the experience and expertise of one or even two people. A dozen or more experts together can equip us with the information we need to recenter our communication around what matters most — people.

The way we communicate with others sets the tone for our relationships and lays the foundation for our long-term reputation and revenue. In our communication, it’s not just the message we’re trying to get across to our recipients that matters most. Our recipients’ needs, wants, and interests should be equal to our own. To build genuine connection, we need to approach communication in a way that demonstrates that we understand and value what’s important to them.

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with my longtime friend and two-time coauthor, Steve Pacinelli, CMO at BombBomb. In our conversation, Steve shares what he learned throughout writing our Wall Street Journal bestselling second book, Human-Centered Communication, and we discuss some of our experts’ most actionable and exciting lessons.

In addition, we talk about what it means to be deeply human-centered in a digital age and the shared belief behind Human-Centered Communication. Steve also explains that an important goal in writing the book was to be practical. Within the pages, readers are offered interactive moments and roadmaps they can use as a guide to improving their communication. (And with a title like Human-Centered Communication, isn’t that what they should expect?)

For instance, in the chapter featuring Viveka von Rosen, Vengreso co-founder, LinkedIn expert, and virtual and video selling teacher, readers can find seven steps to making better videos. It’s that level of actionable insights Steve finds to be so valuable in the books he reads (and writes!).

If you’d like to listen to our entire expert series, episodes that complement each expert’s book chapter, then check out the links near the conclusion of this post.

Human-Centered Communication, A Business Case Against Digital Pollution, Fast Company Press, BombBomb, Ethan Beute, Stephen Pacinelli, Wall Street Journal bestseller, business book, sales book, marketing book
Here are some things you’ll learn in this episode with Steve:

Why customer experience is built on the exploration of a shared belief
Where the idea for the book originated
What the big idea behind human-centered communication is
Who each expert is and what you can expect in each of their chapters
What interactive experiences we created around the book


The Shared Belief Behind Human-Centered Communication

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Human-Centered Communication, A Business Case Against Digital Pollution, Fast Company Press, BombBomb, Ethan Beute, Stephen Pacinelli, Wall Street Journal bestseller, business book, sales book, marketing book, books, copies, bulk orders


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