Getting Clear on Who You Are and How You Serve

Last Updated July 6th, 2021

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When you communicate who you are — your core beliefs — to the customer, do you get head nods, indifference, or hostility? All three are perfectly fine responses, actually. If they’re nodding, they probably share your beliefs. If they’re indifferent or hostile, they should be politely escorted out of the sales funnel.

Shared belief sets in motion a set of irrational buying forces that are nearly impossible for a competitor to mimic. The shared identity and emotional resonance are so strong that even when sales, product, or operations people miss the mark for the customer, they keep buying because they believe in the brand.

Today’s guest, Anthony Coundouris, is back on the podcast to discuss the less tangible but essential quadrantss three and four from his four-part framework to run frictionless: Q3 Who We Are and Q3 How We Serve.

Anthony is the Founder of run_frictionless, where he and his team design and build sales systems for high-growth companies. He’s also the author of run_frictionless, which delves into the quadrants and how they shape go-to-market strategy and customer experience (CX). Definitely check out his book to learn more about the irrational buying forces that underlie CX.

In this converesation, you’ll hear …

Why sharing beliefs should be at the beginning of every PowerPoint
How to evaluate the three types of response to who you are
What happens to revenue when you fit the quadrants together
What vanity values are
How to start conversations with less friction



Establishing Core Principles for Yourself and Your Team

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Listen to “146. Getting Clear on Who You Are and How You Serve w/ Anthony Coundouris” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Getting Clear on Who You Are and How You Serve

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Anthony Coundouris, Founder of run_frictionless…


1. Customer Experience Is…



2. Going Beyond Product-Market Fit



3. Shared Beliefs and Irrational Buying Forces



4. Sales As A Battle of Belief, Not of Product



5. The Benefits of Video Messages – and When to Send Them



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