Sending Video and Saving Time: 3 Lessons for a Better Business Life

Last Updated May 19th, 2017

In his two years with BombBomb, Jeff Wagner, a mortgage banker with OneTrust Home Loans in Houston, Texas, has sent over 1,300 videos.

As he reflects on his business life before BombBomb, Jeff shares 3 great takeaways in under 1 minute.

Read time: 3 minutes, 15 seconds
Video length: 59 seconds
Takeaway: A new way to think about your business communication


Sending Video and Saving Time


1 Sending Video Doesn’t Replace All Your Business Communication

Prior to having BombBomb available to quickly and easily record and send videos, Jeff was using the normal means of communication to connect with real estate agents, clients, fellow lenders, and other people in his network.

He “used to call people and get voicemails, return calls” and sent “emails back and forth, text messages.”

Now, he estimates, 30-40% of those have moved to video messages.

Compared to voicemail, sending video includes your facial expressions and other nonverbal communication. And you know exactly when someone clicks to play your video. You’re blind to whether or when your voicemail ever gets played.

Compared to emails and text messages, sending video improves communication quality even more. While it’s easy to misunderstand the intention and tone of typed-out text, there’s no confusing your meaning when you hit record and talk to someone in video.

So, pick and choose your spots. Video doesn’t replace all your touches, but it can replace many of them – and make them better in the process. And you can follow up based on tracking and analytics.

To learn the Top 10 Times Video Says It Better Than Typed-Out Text, click here.


2 Sending Video Saves Time

In reflecting on his 1,300+ video sends, Jeff says “It’s saved me so much time.”

On average, we talk 4x faster than we type. And on mobile, it’s got to be a 6x multiple. So, any message that’s going to take 4 or more paragraphs to type out is ripe for time saving by sending video instead.

And how many times have you typed an email, re-typed an email and still have to go back and forth with a client about the tone of your email? Which inevitably ends up in a phone call to clear the air and get on the same page. It’s a huge time suck.

When you mix in some video, you record and send when it’s convenient for you and people open it and experience you in person when it’s convenient for them. This asynchronicity can save both of you time. No need to coordinate schedules to share a high quality piece of communication.


3 Sending Video Improves Replies and Responses

As we often like to say, you don’t send your 1,300th video if you didn’t get value from the 1,299 before it.

And, as expected, Jeff reports: “I get so much positive feedback from it.” And he’s now in a race with himself to 3,000 videos!

People you’ve worked with before are often happy to see you again. And people you’ve never met feel like they know you before they ever meet you.

More than 90.1% of our customers report that video email helps them stay in touch more effectively than traditional, typed-out text emails. And 80.7% report receiving more replies and responses.

This is also about saving time by sending video – in so many cases, you reach your desired outcomes more quickly.


Example: 70% Appointment Set Rate

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Bonus Lesson: Simpler Is Better

In the video above and in all the videos he’s sent before, Jeff keeps it simple. It’s not about “sending video,” per se. It’s about being more personal, more human, and more clear in how you communicate.

“Get out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to be an expert.”

That’s the key: it’s okay to be “real” and to be imperfect. After all, we’re human.

When you’re trying to build relationship and rapport or when you’re communicating something with subtlety, nuance, or emotion, just hit record and talk to people from your office, your home, your car (safely parked!), or anywhere else you find yourself.


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