Know Your Audience When Sending Video Email

Last Updated August 5th, 2014

People don’t have the same needs, interests, or motivations. When talking with particular a person or a segment of people, you likely adjust your message and delivery to meet those needs, serve those interests, and speak to those motivations.

The same is true when you’re sending video email.

When the event recently came through Denver, we attended “Technology, Relationships, & the New Digital Consumer” from and Tech Savvy Agent. See upcoming dates and locations here.

VP of Events for Move Inc and co-founder of Tech Savvy Agent, Steve Pacinelli shared at the event the motivations of home buyers versus the motivations of home sellers, based on a recent National Association of REALTORS report.

Watch the video below to see the top 5 motivations of each group. Think about how differently you might talk to online buyer leads versus online seller leads on the phone, in person, or in video.

Knowing Your Audience: What Buyers & Sellers Want in an Agent

When you’re in person, you’ve got more give and take. You can read, model, or mirror people. It’s easier to know that you hear them and identify with them.

You’d like to carry that effect through in your video emails, as well, but you don’t have the same luxuries. So you need to know as much as you can before sending video email.

Knowing your audience and having your audience feel that provides obvious benefits. As Steve says it, “Having that in the back of your head when dealing with your online leads is extremely important.”

Particularly for video emails you’re sending over and over to different individuals within a lead or customer segment, be intentional. Focus as narrowly as possible. Know that audience. Access available research. Understand the psychology of a person who’s at that particular stage or relationship with you, your business, your product, or your service.

In the case specifically described by Steve, knowing a bit more about the motivations and expectations of buyers versus sellers – then speaking to them in person, on the phone, and in video – can increase lead conversion.

More generally, when you can reach out with a message that’s specific to the needs, interests, and motivations of a person or a segment of people, you’ll be a much more effective communicator.

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