Sending Video Email: Is it a Gimmick or a Fad?

Last Updated September 28th, 2015

Many people on the outside looking in at sending video email see it as a gimmick or fad.

Whether you’re among them or not, read on to peel off a couple layers to get at why simple video communication in email is effective today … and will continue to be going forward.

I understand why some people would see video email as a fad or gimmick. That’s the way it’s often positioned and pushed.

Lofty claims of a minute of video being worth 1.8 million words.

Or 200-300% improvements in click-through rates.

It starts to sound magical. And gimmicky. Faddish.

And while there is a novelty to sending video email feeding that impression, what’s behind it is timeless and universal – face to face communication with another human.


Sending Video Email: Gimmick or Fad?


The Dynamics at Play Right Now

> New, novel thing
Sending video email is somewhat new (we’ve been at it since 2006, though). So, when you see it or hear about it, it seems a bit novel. And what’s novel often passes.

> A little uncomfortable (can’t see yourself doing it)
You see a video email example. It seems logical – and it’s effective. But because it’s new and possibly a little uncomfortable to see yourself on video, you can’t see yourself doing it. Therefore, it’s not worthwhile – must be a passing fad.

> More noise around it (maybe even receiving some)
More people and more companies are talking about it. Some use lofty, outdated, and poorly sourced claims. Others take legit statistics and ideas out of context. This feels gimmicky.

> Marketing world coming around to it (confusing the issue)
More companies and brands are sending “commercial” videos in email. This raises the profile of “marketing through video” and confuses the rise of “relationships through video.” More on that dynamic here. It starts to look like the same old pre-roll video stuffed in a new channel. That can’t last. Who’d watch?


These are just a handful of trends that open up the question – is video email a gimmick?


So, Is Video Email a Fad?

We’re more successful when we’re connecting with people and building relationships. But time and distance keep us apart; they’re the two things holding us back. So we rely on faceless emails, text messages, and social posts made of typed-out text.

When you record and send video in email to communicate in a more personal and human way, you’re using current technology to execute a timeless task. You’re getting face to face with more people more often. In a way, you’re scaling yourself.


New? Sure. Novel? Yep. Fad? No.

We connect with people through our eyes, our faces, our smiles. Video email delivers the authentic you in a way other media simply can’t.

The technology will change and evolve, but face to face communication always wins. It’s more human.



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