Send Videos and Pre-Made Notes in Apple’s iMessage

Last Updated April 28th, 2017

If you’re one of those people who hates a messy inbox (or any notifications for that matter), then chances are you’ve already realized we’ve updated our iPhone app!

While there are many new features in the update like Clips integration, the ability to pause videos, and to switch between front- and rear-facing cameras while recording, we’re going to focus on the new iMessage features in this post.

You can now add any video from your BombBomb video library straight into a text message, in line, inside iMessage.

You can also shoot Snippets you’ve already made in BombBomb in Gmail straight into a text message.

Sales representatives in a variety of different industries rejoice! You’re now faster and more human in your iPhone text messages with fewer steps than ever.

See how it works and watch 6 example “evergreen” videos or “canned responses” to get ideas about how to use it in your business.

Read Time: 4 minutes, 40 seconds
Video Length: 1 minutes, 47 seconds (and various)
Takeaway: How to save time and be more human in your texts from iMessage


Send Videos and Pre-Made Notes in iMessage

Click to play this 1 minute, 45 second video to see how easy it is to set up BombBomb in iMessage and access your video and Snippets libraries.


2 Examples of How to Use iMessage Video and Notes in General Sales Scenarios


I’m Sorry I Missed Your Call!

Let’s say a hot lead calls when you’re right in the middle of an important meeting. Time is of the essence in this situation, and you’ll want to reply to the individual as quickly as possible in a unique way that they will remember. Here’s where the BombBomb iMessage integration comes into play! Simply create a canned response similar to Taylor’s example above to text your future customers and let them know you’re busy at the moment but will call them back ASAP.


I’m Running 15 Minutes Late:

It’s happened to all of us: our days escape us a little and we’re inevitably going to be late for our upcoming meeting. Instead of sending a standard note, create a canned video like this example and send it to your client via text message to let them know that you’re running behind. For the overachievers reading this post: you can even create a few versions of this exact video and replace 15 minutes with 5 minutes, or 30 minutes so you can always have a video option ready!  This method feels more sincere and increases your chance of keeping the actual meeting rather than having to reschedule.


For more detail on using BombBomb in iMessage, click the image below!


2 Examples of Using iMessage Video and Notes in Real Estate


Thanks for Scheduling a Meeting:

You’ve just secured your first in-person meeting with a potential seller. Let them know exactly how much you appreciate them taking the time to sit down with you and show you their home! More importantly, help them feel like they already know you before actually meeting you in person. Create this simple video in advance and make it a ritual to send the video a few minutes after securing your meetings. Sending a video like this will help you remain on top of your prospects’ minds – and improve your chances of being the agent they choose to sell their home.

Note: this also works for a buyer consult.


Listing Details with Links:

This is one of the best ways to respond to a listing inquiry. Create one of these videos for each of your new listings and text them out whenever you receive a new lead. If they’ve not yet provided a mobile number, this is a reason for the potential buyer to provide it. Moreover, even if the potential buyer decides this listing is not for them, the use of both of this tactic improves your chance of becoming their agent for the house they do purchase down the road.


2 Examples of Using iMessage Video and Snippets in Auto Sales


Contact Form on a Website:

How many times have you responded to an online lead via emails, and phone calls multiple times, but still never received response? Sometimes, it happens – but you can prevent it from recurring by showing up in a personal, human, and unique way they’ve never seen. Show your new leads that you’re genuine, that you care, and that you legitimately want to help them by sending a video text as soon as you receive their lead. It’s less demanding of them than an immediate phone call and just as powerful as face-to-face communication! It’s one of the fastest ways to build trust and increase responses. Don’t forget to create Snippet text with the car and dealership information as well as your hours, so they can easily contact you.


After a Dealership Visit:

Despite your best objection handling, many buyers need time to contemplate a major purchase. Increase your chances of them choosing you to help them buy a car by sending a video text after a first time meeting! As you can see, the video Ethan has created could be easily saved and reused for multiple potential buyers! He’s sincere and thorough, and gives the buyer a sense of ease when watching the clip. Reuse Ethan’s script, or create your own to consistently win deals ahead of your competitors.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our examples for using the new iMessage feature with the BombBomb mobile app for iPhone and iPad!

And for all our Android users, stay tuned for some awesome updates coming soon on your app, as well.


  • You can now access your entire BombBomb video library in iMessage.
  • You can now access your pre-made Snippets from BombBomb in Gmail in iMessage.
  • Save time and build trust faster with BombBomb in iMessage.

All you need is the BombBomb mobile app for iPhone and iPad and a free or paid account. Click here to learn how to set up BombBomb in iMessage.

Can you think of another example where iMessage videos could be useful? Send them our way! We’d love to hear from you and how you’re winning with video.

Send a video email to: Ethan (at) BombBomb (dot) com

Don’t yet have a way to quickly and easily send video by email or text? Get started free with no credit card required by clicking here!


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