Send Video … Because You Ain’t Shakespeare

Last Updated March 20th, 2015

Talking is much more natural to us than writing; you probably don’t love to write. Here’s a little history and some encouragement to send video in place of some written words.

Send Video … Speech Precedes Writing


How long have humans been writing?

150,000 years ago – Speech emerged in human communication (estimates of 50,000 to 1.75 million)
25,000 years ago – Symbols emerged in human communication (Chauvet Cave paintings in France)
5,000 years ago – Writing emerged in human communication (Sumerian cuneiform in Mesopotamia)

All the subject of some debate, particularly the first number (obviously a difficult thing to nail down for a variety of reasons), these numbers fall within range of various estimates on the history of human communication.

The takeaway: humans have been speaking approximately 30x longer than we’ve been writing. It’s natural to us. It’s fundamentally human.

Speech is so essential to our concept of intelligence that its possession is virtually equated with being human.  Animals who talk are human, because what sets us apart from other animals is the ‘gift’ of speech” – Philip Lieberman, Eve Spoke, 1998

Children have a handle on spoken communication around age 4. Written communication? 5 to 7 years later.

In short: Speech precedes writing. Speaking is fundamentally human and quicker to master.


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(Newspaper Rock, southeast Utah, petroglyphs dating back as far as 2,000 years)


Send Video … Because You Ain’t Shakespeare

Odds are you’re a graphophobe, not a graphophile. You don’t love to write and you may even fear it.

Most of us don’t invest the time required to be a good writer – and it’s hard! Capturing and conveying your ideas in clearly constructed words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs requires skill.

More than a decade ago, the New York Times ran this story titled “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence.”

From that December 2004 story:

Email is a party to which English teachers have not been invited.” – Dr. R. Craig Hogan, “a former university professor who heads an online school for business writing”

Here’s another take in there:

“The more electronic and global we get, the less important the spoken word has become, and in email clarity is critical. Considering how highly educated our people are, many can’t write clearly in their day-to-day work.” – Sean Phillips, “recruitment director at another Silicon Valley corporation, Applera, a supplier of equipment for life science research, where most employees have advanced degrees”

Let’s be honest … has our writing improved over the past decade? Maybe, but not likely.

On average, does your writing clearly convey your meaning? Beyond that, is it written in such a way that people might anyone want to read it or even seek it out? Maybe, but not likely. Especially not that 5 paragraph email you just sent.

You ain’t Shakespeare and neither am I.

And isn’t Shakespeare better taken from the stage than from the page? Does not its performance by humans add understanding and value as the words come off the page and get brought to life through the spoken word?


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(William Shakespeare action figure from | Photo: BombBomb)


Send Video … Because You’re Better In Person

A return to the spoken word in some of our most common forms of communication – like email, text messaging, sociaL media – is available to you.

It plays to your strengths – face, voice, personality, expertise, enthusiasm, sincerity, gratitude.

It differentiates you.

It saves you time.

It provides more clarity of meaning.

It helps you be there in person when you can’t be there in person. And that’s where you’re best.


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symbol, writing, speaking, speech, human, communication
(Newspaper Rock, southeast Utah, petroglyphs dating back as far as 2,000 years)




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