Yes, You Can Send Video Email from Anywhere

Last Updated April 1st, 2016

He’s demonstrated this before. Now, he’s leveled up.

BombBomb customer, friend, and fan Michael Thorne shows us that you can send video email from anywhere … including the airport tarmac.

See some previous locations. See the new level up. And see a $1,000,000 video response to person he connected with for $0.79 with a Facebook ad and a BombBomb form.


Send Video Email Anywhere

When we did this webinar about one-to-one video emails, I rounded up some of Michael’s classic mobile video locations.


At Home

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Around the Office

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Mobile Video Email from the Airport Tarmac

New level up: sending an online lead generated with a BombBomb form for $0.79 on Facebook (really, see below) a video message from the airport tarmac.

Michael was flying back to the Vancouver, BC area from a family vacation. Upon landing, he got an email from a gentleman interested in selling his home. Watch how casually he records and sends a personal, one-to-one video message with the BombBomb mobile app.

Click the email below to watch the insightful, customer-focused video response.

  • Conversational
  • Personal
  • Authentic
  • Detailed
  • Expert
  • Valuable

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Michael and the team with whom he works are extremely focused on customer experience. Think about the level of service he’s providing here.

And, yes, he can set a custom video thumbnail image with the BombBomb iPhone app. But he doesn’t.

Because it’s not about the image. Or the video quality. Or the video location.


Takeaway: It’s about how you make people feel. It’s about showing people that you’re interested and that you care.


This video email went in his default mobile email design. Click here to learn how to set that up.


This is a $1,000,000 response to a person he connected with through a Facebook ad and a BombBomb form for just $0.79.


$0.79 Online Leads with BombBomb Forms and Facebook

Michael has not yet met Andy in person. Through video, though, Andy almost certainly feels like he knows Michael. And will likely hire Michael for the sale.

Their relationship began through a BombBomb form and continues through BombBomb video emails like the one above.

Andy was one of more than 125 leads Michael generated for less than $0.79 each. Names. Email addresses. Phone numbers.

Want a 7 minute 45 second video in which Michael explains how he uses BombBomb forms with Facebook ads?

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Drop in your email address! We’ll send it by video email.


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