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Last Updated May 4th, 2016

Buzz. And lots of it. That’s what we’re seeing and hearing around 360 video.

A key factor driving 360 video: the Ricoh Theta S, a 360 cam that costs less than $350.

Get some background info on these nearly spherical, highly interactive videos and learn how to send 360 video in your BombBomb emails.


360 Video Examples

After being shot with a 360° camera and processed through its software or app, you can publish these videos into YouTube or Facebook.

Both platforms support controls to seamlessly pan and tilt around the sphere to see different views within the same, linear video recording.

On laptop or desktop through a browser, you click to move around with the controls in the top left corner.

Within the YouTube mobile app, you can simply pan and tilt around the video by moving your phone.


Here are a couple examples:

Roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain


Tour of a new local park and consideration of an upcoming local vote by real estate agent and top 100 BombBomb video sender Alex Smith.

He just picked up his 360 video camera over the weekend and is starting to experiment. Watch the 360 neighborhood video below.

Click here to see a 360 home preview video from Alex.

Click here to see Alex’s first 360 video upload from the Hermosa Beach Pier.


A Note on Use Cases

The obvious application of this style of video is to bring someone into a scene. It feels like it’s more about place than about people. But there’s a sweet spot.

As Alex demonstrates, the person recording can provide narration that adds significant value. And because we have the choice as viewers, we can see the person any time we want.


Send 360 Video in BombBomb Emails

You can easily drop YouTube-hosted videos into BombBomb emails, so you can send 360 video from your customer or free trial account.

To demonstrate, I added one of Alex’s 360 videos into a BombBomb email and sent it to myself.

Add the YouTube Video to the Email, Then Send

You can add YouTube and Animoto videos to your BombBomb emails in both the classic editor and the new, upgraded Composer.

Choose Insert from YouTube and paste in your video’s url. We’ll pick up the thumbnail and include it in your email.

YouTube video, 360 video, BombBomb email, video email, BombBomb video email
Your 360 Video Arrives in the Inbox

Here it is in my Gmail inbox.

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video email, 360 video, 360 degree video, YouTube video, BombBomb email, BombBomb video email


Play the 360 Video Inside the Email Design

A click to play from the inbox dynamically regenerates your video email in full. The 360 video controls appear in the top left corner.

Click the email image
to see the live version with the active video.

send video, video email, BombBomb email, 360 videos, 360 video, send video email


Click here to see a video email example from Alex (Just Listed home tour video email built with our Composer).


Click here to get insights from Alex about shooting 360 video with the Theta S (casual talk-through at his desk).


Advantages and Disadvantage

Advantages of sending the video this way:

  • Your video plays inside your branded environment.
  • Your video plays with 360 controls.
  • Your video plays adjacent to your call to action.
  • Your video plays adjacent to your contact information.
  • You know exactly who’s opening the email, clicking the links, and clicking the video.

The only disadvantage: To enjoy the 360 experience on mobile, your recipient has to have the YouTube app installed.

This downside is not unique to this sending method. It’s true of any 360 playback experience on mobile.

This downside also has an upside … for those viewing through the YouTube app, the 360 experience is even more dynamic because their motion with their phone is the 360 controller.


More on the Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera

This camera is, generally, the easiest and least expensive 360 video camera. It’s the camera that’s likely going to move this type of image capture into the mainstream and draw out competition.

Click here for the best review I found online. Clear, detailed, and helpful, it’s by Les Shu for Digital Trends.

digital trends,, Ricoh Theta, Ricoh Theta S, 360 camera, camera review, 360 video


Its simple appearance and clean design remind me of the old Flip cameras, which have since been rendered obsolete by our smartphones.

Ricoh’s been working on this format for some time now and will continue to push it forward. Expect more competitors, including – eventually – smartphones. GoPro seems like an obvious competitor, as well.

A key aspect of the Theta S, detailed in Shu’s review, is the specific Theta software application for laptops, desktops, and mobile. Increased direct access to 360 video files by more tools and more pieces of software will also make the format more mainstream.


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