Why Video Isn’t the Secret Sauce for Sales (and What Is!)

Last Updated April 6th, 2017

A sales professional who’s sent more than 500 videos from her BombBomb account, Nancy Chapin says that simple videos have “totally transformed” her business and “can’t imagine” what her business would look like without it.

At the same time, however, she made clear in a video she recently sent to us that “video itself is not the ‘secret sauce’ recipe” for sales success.

Find out what is the secret sauce and get valuable and specific video tips from a four year veteran of the approach we’ve pioneered with our customers over the past decade. It’s a style we call “relationships through video.”


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Takeaway: Top tips for video in sales, including the secret sauce


Video Itself: Not the Secret Sauce for Sales


In our series 7 Stories, people in all kinds of industries share how they’re winning more opportunities with video communication.

In Issue Three, Nancy, a REALTOR® in Seattle, tells the story of an emotionally challenging situation being resolved with the power of a simple, smartphone video.

In that story, she says “I absolutely love BombBomb. I’ve been using it as long as I can remember and it has totally transformed my business.”

We asked her to share a little “how” and “why” behind this awesome statement and she sent back the video above. And it’s loaded with useful insights. Give it a play!


Transformation with Relationships Through Video

“BombBomb has totally transformed my business over the last four years,” says Nancy Chapin, a REALTOR® with Windermere Mount Baker in Seattle.

Its effect is so dramatic, because “it changed the way I show up in my business.”

“I ask myself ‘Could I send a video instead of a text, or an email, or a phone call?'” she says. Always looking for opportunities to be more personal and human, she often sends fun, friendly, and even goofy messages to check in with people.

Nancy’s so passionate about simple video communication that she coaches and teaches others agents and brokers how to improve one-to-one communication with video.

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Top Video Tip

In the short video above, Nancy shares a powerful tip: “I rarely do more than one take.”

In this way, she “keeps it very real.” She’s not afraid of a “fumble and stumble.”

“I want it to always feel really authentic – like we’re having a conversation, like I’m sitting across the table from them,” she explains.

This is a truly great tip. Do you stop and re-record voicemails? Do you pause and rewind live conversations? Of course not.

Relationships through video is about simplicity, transparency, and authenticity. Like a proper, human conversation. And Nancy’s deeply attuned to it.

In short: just record and send. And type into the email body or text message anything you forgot to mention.

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Video … The Secret Sauce for Sales?

Video itself is not the secret sauce recipe.

So what is? “By using this communication, it invites all of us – you, me, and our clients – to show up in a more authentic way.”

“People don’t hire me because I sent them a video. They hire me because they got a better sense of who I am and felt like that was a fit. And that’s a pretty powerful thing.”

This is a subtle, but important observation. The video isn’t the differentiator. YOU are.

Video allows you to lead with your very best sales asset … you!

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3 Ways To Use Video

In her video, Nancy describes 3 ways she uses video to improve customer experience and increase sales results.


1 Property Walk and Talk

When a client can’t make it out to see a property, Nancy will often visit the property on his or her behalf. She can walk and talk it, observing things that may or may not fit that specific client’s interests.

This is a nice upgrade in customer experience and a way of using mobile video that several of our customers regularly do.

If you’re not in real estate, think about an equivalent for your product or service.

For example, many of our customers in automotive sales send personal walk-and-talk videos of vehicles on the lot so potential buyers get the “in person” experience and the salesperson’s expertise without having to physically be on site.


2 Present the Offer “In Person”

Like so many real estate markets right now, Seattle is hot – with multiple offer situations as a regular occurrence.

Nancy’s brought back the lost art of presenting offers in person by using video. Rather than simply submitting an offer on paper and leaving a voicemail, she “present(s) to the camera as if (she’s) presenting to the seller and their broker.”

This human approach is very effective. It differentiates your clients’ offers and allows the sellers to understand the most important or valuable aspects of the offer as constructed.


3 Work Through Pricing or Negotiation Impasse

Nancy puts the asynchronous and human benefits of BombBomb video email to great use in tough situations.

Rather than directly share ideas and thoughts to get through pricing or negotiation issues and, by default, expecting an immediate response, she sends herself in video and allows people to experience her in person and to react in their own time – after they’ve had the chance to process the information.

“I really want people to hear me being more articulate about what the issue is and give them the opportunity to be thoughtful in their response,” she explains.

For any “delicate, tricky, heartfelt” situations, Nancy says, “video is the best.”

It allows clients to “hear it in their own time, no pressure or expectation for them to respond in that moment.”

In Issue Three of our series 7 Stories, Nancy is one of 7 professionals who share stories about how to win with video. Drop in your email address below to get the issue and hear her very specific $35,000 story about working through one of those delicate, tricky, and heartfelt situations with a simple video message.

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Thanks Again, Nancy

A big BombBomb thank you to Nancy Chapin, a REALTOR® with Windermere Real Estate in Seattle. We appreciate you making us part of how you’re serving people and growing your business – and taking the time to share your stories with our entire community!


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