Send Video to Save Time: The 4X and 2.5 Day Effects

Last Updated May 17th, 2016

You’d be more successful if you had more time, yes? Of course you would.

Time is our most valuable asset, so we’re all trying to create efficiency, increase leverage, and save time.


Fun Fact: Talking is four times faster than typing.

Sending more video email more often, then, gives you a 4X effect.

And making video a habit? It puts a multiple on the time you save.

As you’ll learn below, we’ve helped give one of our customers at least 2.5 days of his life back already! That’s more than 7 workdays. A work week and a half!


Send Video to Save Time: In Customers’ Words

Two of our top 100 video senders, sales professionals Jesse Peters and Michael Thorne, recently answered this question …

How does BombBomb help you save time?

Here are their answers (in one minute and 20 seconds).


Jesse’s Take:

Less typing! I can talk a lot faster than typing and hitting backspace and delete …”

“If you’re going to type something out, you don’t want to send something out with grammatical errors. You don’t have to deal with that when you can just hit ‘Record’ and talk.”


Michael’s Take:

“The biggest time for me is distance – cutting down that distance. Sort of being able to be face to face without having to travel.”

“The opportunity to have more deep relationships with someone, but not have to travel the distance to get that effect, that’s been huge.”

I hate typing, so that’s been a help, but you can communicate so much more in fewer words in video than if you would type it out … You have all the emotions and all the nonverbal cues with video.”


How to Save Time with Video: The 4X Effect

Both Jesse and Michael hit on a pain point that we all experience: typing takes more time than talking. And there’s an expectation of perfection in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. So we double back to edit, make corrections, and add clarity.

And typing on your iPhone or Android? Extremely painful.

Michael talked about the density of video, rich with nonverbal communication. But let’s focus on Jesse’s take here – talking is faster than typing.

Q: Do we really talk faster than we type?
A: Yes!

Per Ratatype, the average typing speed is 41 words per minute (WPM).

An analysis of 9 TED Talks shows that two thirds of the presenters spoke in the range of 153 and 168 words per minute with an average of 163 WPM. Steve Jobs spoke at a rate of 158 WPM.

The average conversational rate among English speaking Americans is 150 words per minute, according to the National Center for Voice and Speech.


Talking is 4X Faster than Typing

Using an average typing speed of 40 WPM and an average talking speed of 160 WPM, the math is easy … 4X.

Think about how many emails you type out each day. How many go beyond 6 or 8 words (like “OK, 4pm works. See you then.”)?

For each one of those, sending a video message will save you time.


How to Save Time with Video: The 2.5 Days Effect

I’m going to save some time here myself and assume Michael is average in 2 ways: he types at the average rate and talks at the average rate.

I’ve also assumed that his videos are 1 minute in length.

With those assumptions, here’s how much time we’ve saved him since he signed up with BombBomb …

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The 2.475 days saved is only accounting for the rate of speech versus rate of typing. As Michael explained, there’s a distance factor to the time saving – being there in person without having to travel there in person. With some automated features, even more time is saved with BombBomb.

Those 59.4 hours translate to 7.43 8-hour work days. That’s 1.49 40-hour work weeks. A week an a half back … like magic. But not.

A quick, simple exercise? Sure. But the point remains …


The Point: Sending video will save you time. Significant amounts of it.

The Key: Making video a habit. Look for opportunities throughout your day to cut down typing time.

If your email requires a large quantity of information, detailed or nuanced information, or emotional information, you’re going to win with video. Because you’re going to save time. Plus, you’ll make a more personal impact.


How Fast is Video Sending with BombBomb?

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