Salesperson’s Guide to Social Video

Last Updated April 3rd, 2019

If you’re using BombBomb, then you’ve probably seen the great results that come from video email.

With this guide, we’re here to help you see great results from your social videos, as well. According to Wordstream, 87% of online marketers are using video content on social media. If you haven’t started using video content, the time to start is now –  though it can be intimidating with all the different social channels and the video requirements on each platform.

We put together the Salesperson’s Guide to Social Video to help you get started. In this guide, you’ll learn the general guidelines for video on each social platform. We also include content ideas and best practices for each platform. Lastly, you’ll learn the best way to increase engagement on social though video. The goal is to connect and humanize your communication.

Salesperson's Guide to Social Media Video

This Guide Is For People Who:

  • Want to know the best practices for distributing their content on social
  • Want to learn which social platforms might be best for them
  • Are wanting to see results from not one but multiple social channels
  • Are looking to gain prospects from their social efforts

What This Guide Is:

  • An overview of the four best social media channels for video
  • Suggestions on the best types of content for each social channel
  • Best practices when it comes to sharing video content
  • Tips on gaining prospects from engagement on social media video

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