Simple Sales Videos: Because “You’re a Salesperson, Not a Hermit”

Last Updated January 26th, 2018

You’re not a hermit, you’re a salesperson – so you need, want, and profit from getting face to face with people.

And simple sales videos can help close the gap when you can get together in person with a prospect, client, or business partner.

But you’re not a movie star, either, so might not feel like you’re good enough for video.


Top 50 Real Estate Video Influencer and DIGGS Real Estate’s “Boss Lady” Kendyl Young says “you need to get over your damned self” and start sending sales videos.

Landing at #9 in the All Around Category, Kendyl builds relationships and wins business through a variety of video strategies.

We reached out to ask her about her preferred video equipment and for tips for salespeople who want to get started using video.

Here’s what she told us!


Equipment Insights and Tips to Get Started with Sales Videos


A video pioneer combining educational videos, community videos, listing videos, and live videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, she brings energy to each and every frame along with a beautiful blend of creativity. Kendyl also brings the personal video element back into the spotlight with nearly 500 personal videos sent through BombBomb.

In the 5 minute video above, Kendyl answers these two questions:

What equipment and set up do you use?


If someone wanted to start using video, what advice would you give him or her?

Give it a play!


Equipment Tips for Sales Videos

“I have two sets of equipment – my fancy equipment and my ‘everyday,'” says Kendyl.


Fancy Equipment

In her own words, Kendyl’s not a “videophile.” She doesn’t get especially excited about, deep into, or pumped up about video tools, gadgets, and equipment.

So, her nicer video kit includes:

  • DSLR camera (Sony A6, maybe!)
  • A nice lens (wide angle, prime lens at f1.4)
  • A “very basic lavalier mic

I expect she’s also got a tripod.

I like that she’s not hung up on the exact model of her camera and her adding a fast, fixed, and wide lens is a great tip. She wanted that subject-in-focus/background-beautifully-blurred look and simply searched YouTube for tips.

So, when does she go “fancy?” As she explains in the embedded video above, “I use that equipment to do interview videos and videos that have a long shelf life … when I want higher quality.”

This tip is consistent with one of the top takeaways in our free PDF, The Salesperson’s Guide to Video Cameras.


Everyday Equipment

“Probably 90-95% of my videos are shot on nothing more expensive than my iPhone,” reports Kendyl.

She’s using an iPhone 7 Plus “as is” – with no additional microphone and no additional lenses.

She does, however, stabilize and steady her shots with a DJI Osmo Mobile (note: the Osmo Mobile 2 is just releasing).

Using this simple, lightweight tool keeps every community video, listing video, and other recordings smooth no matter how much she’s moving through the shots.


Final Video Equipment Tips

Simply: “Don’t let the equipment question get in your way.”

Plus: “The only thing that’s super important is that your sound is as good as you can make it.” People will deal with camera shake, poor lighting, etc – but sound problems are a show stopper.

Start with the camera you already have – most often a smartphone and a webcam.

For more on this theme, click here for “Phones to Drones | My Best Camera” at RE Video Studio.



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Getting Started with Sales Videos

Top tip: “Get over your damn self.”

In other words: “Most people won’t do video because they’re so freakin’ concerned about how they’re going to come across,” says Kendyl. “Am I going to sound funny? Yes, you’re going to sound funny to yourself because that’s just the way it is. And I have news for you: everybody else hears you the way you hear yourself on video.”

And it’s “the same thing with the way you look!”


“You’re a salesperson, not a hermit, so if you don’t look like a newscaster or a movie star, you still should do video. Because when you get out into the real world and you meet potential clients, guess what … you don’t look like a movie star there, either. So, just be yourself.”

Kendyl obviously recommends getting through that initial roadblock that so many people face. “Just do it. That’s the only way it’s going to get done.”

“The first few (sales videos) are going to suck, but if you don’t do the first few, you’ll never get past the suckiness,” says Kendyl.

The upside: “You’re going to get great feedback, I can almost guarantee it.”

This combination of getting comfortable on camera and having that effort validated with positive feedback creates the positive momentum you need to get started successfully with sales videos for prospects, clients, partners, and others who need to see and hear from you more often. And in a way that plain, typed-out text simply can’t deliver.


Thanks to Kendyl!

Kendyl is a wonderful person who’s forward thinking. I met her for the first time in August 2012 at the Xplode Conference in San Diego, where we talked about … video!

It was an honor to rank her among the top All Around video influencers in real estate.

Check out her website here and see her beautiful neighborhood page (with videos for most neighborhoods!).


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