What Are Your Video Victories? Tell Us to Win…

Last Updated January 11th, 2019

Video is powerful. You know this already because you’ve seen first-hand how it’s transformed your business.

You’ve pressed record and seen how your videos resonate, impact, and connect with your recipients in ways that plain text can’t. You’ve seen meaningful relationships take root that will shape the trajectory of your business for years to come. So, we want to know how you’ve achieved this!

We want to know your BombBomb story. Whether you send videos periodically or daily, we want to hear from you – the people building “relationships through video” and really living out that philosophy.

We want to show our video newbies what success with video looks like, and that it’s possible and attainable. You can help us do that by sharing your video journey, and how it has helped you:

 Cultivate trust and rapport to establish relationships
 Garner opportunities and follow up on them accordingly
 Be of service and provide value to others
 Encourage people to move toward a thought or action

In turn, you’ll help others thrive with video, too!

Watch the video below and keep reading to learn how you can share your BombBomb story for our Video Victories Contest and have a chance to win a brand new iPad mini or a $50 Amazon gift card


Tell us how video has helped you transform and rehumanize your business.

Tips for Sharing Your BombBomb Story

We want to hear it all! What do your video victories look like? How are you using video to thrive? What role has BombBomb played in your success? What features have helped you along the way? Let us know in your video response!

The goal is to help others by sharing the story of the challenges you’ve overcome and the successes you’ve experienced in your video journey.

How Do I Submit My Story?

 Record and send your Video Victories Contest video email to Story@BombBomb.com.
 Submit your video by June 19, 2020.
 Tell us who you are, where you’re from, what industry you work in and what you do, and how VIDEO helps you win more opportunities.
 Adding specific numbers and results always helps. For example, include something like “With the help of video, I saw a 25% lift in appointments set.”
 You might include a specific story, the single most effective thing you do with video or various ways you use it. Including why is always good, too. Consider using a framework like this…

The Video Victories Framework

What was your business like before discovering BombBomb, and what challenges were you looking to overcome with video?
 Were you skeptical or hesitant about incorporating video in your business communications? If so, why?
 What did you discover upon actually using BombBomb? What about it put your skepticism at ease, and exceeded your expectations?
 What features sold you on BombBomb, and how do you use them today? How have these features of our product been beneficial to your video journey?
 What does life look like now that your challenges are solved or are being solved with video? What have you been able to achieve?
 What has been the defining moment on your journey with video?

Want a great example? Then, check out the prize winners from our last contest by clicking here. You’ll see that it’s not about production value as much as it is value and story.

Judging Criteria

 We’re looking for videos that tell compelling success stories, ideally with specific outcomes.
 We’re looking for videos that will help and inform others wanting to incorporate video into their business communication.
We’re not looking for high production value. So, it definitely won’t hurt your chances, but it’s not a primary area of focus.
 We’re not judging on length, but it should be a relatively concise story (around 3 minutes or less).

Award Process

 Entries will be narrowed down to the top 10
 The top 10 will be watched by select BombBomb team members
 These team members will rank their top three Video Victories Videos
 Five points are awarded for first place, three points for second, and one point for third.

The Video Victories Contest submissions with the most points win.


The person with the top-scoring BombBomb video story wins an iPad mini!

Each of the top three runners up wins a $50 Amazon gift card.

Most Importantly…

Have fun, and provide value!

We want to bring helpful stories to the entire BombBomb community.

Common FAQs

Will Anyone See My Video?

Yes! We like to share these as resources for our BombBomb community – whether it be people new to video or our avid power users. Your BombBomb story will be an educational asset for years to come.

I’ve Sent a Video Before – Can I Send Another?

Of course! We’d love to see you. We’d love to hear what’s new. We’d love to send you an iPad mini.

I Made It All This Way – Can This Post End?

Yes! Remember to send your BombBomb story video by June 19th, 2020.

Thank you so much for your interest! We can’t wait to hear all your Video Victories!

Vivian Lopez | About The Author

Storyteller, writer, editor. Mother of a fearless little girl. Content Marketing Writer, BombBomb. BA, California State University-Long Beach.

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