Send Your Story: How BombBomb Supports Your Sales Process

Last Updated January 11th, 2019

What we love about video is the fact that it puts you in front of the people who matter most to your personal and professional success.

Your enthusiasm, your work ethic, your trustworthiness, your empathy – they all come through much better in simple, personal videos than in plain, typed-out text.

But even if you’re just sending a couple videos a month and you’re seeing results – we want to hear from you.

So often we hear from the individuals using video everywhere. They’ve been using video for years, they’ve grown a substantial social following, they’ve even taught themselves to use lights, cameras, editing software, and all the other “marketing through video” trappings.

And we love hearing from people like them – our video influencers. But what’s even more exciting is hearing from everyone else, too – the everyday video heroes living out the “relationships through video” philosophy with their webcams and smartphones.

Why? Because we hear day-in and day-out from people who want to get started with video, but are intimidated by the process. And we want tangible examples from people who were once just like them, but have figured out a way to get comfortable on camera, and in turn have used video to…

  • To build trust, rapport, and relationship.
  • To provide opportunities and to follow up on them.
  • To give assistance, deliver value, or make requests.
  • To move people to thought or action.

You’re the everyday hero our community needs!

Learn how you can share your story and have a shot at a brand new iPad Pro or a $100 Amazon gift card.

Tell us how video rehumanizes your digital communication makes you the hero of your story.

3 Tips for Sharing Your Video Success Story


Wait – it’s not about BombBomb?
That’s right – it’s not about BombBomb. We love hearing exclamation-point- and superlative-laden reviews from customers about our applications, features and benefits, training and education, and customer care team, but for this contest – we’d prefer to hear more about video specifically and how it’s helped you. Think of it as an education event to serve your fellow community members, not as a contest to see who can prop up BombBomb the most.

The goal is to help others through the story of your own challenges, experiences, and successes using simple, personal video with BombBomb.

How do I submit my story?

  • Record and send a video email to
  • Send it by Tuesday, February 19th, 2019
  • Tell us who you are, where you’re from, what you do, and how VIDEO helps you win more opportunities.
  • You might include a specific story, the single most effective thing you do with video, or the various ways you use it. Some why is always good, too.
  • Adding specific numbers / results always helps – for example – “How Steve Got a 25% Lift in Appointments Set with Video Instead of Phone Calls.”

Consider using a framework like this:

  • What problem did you have before discovering BombBomb?
  • What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve it?
  • What was different about personal video with BombBomb?
  • What does life look like now that the problem is solved or being solved?
  • What was the moment when you realized personal videos was really working to solve your problem?

Want a great example? See the prize winners from our last contest by clicking here. You’ll see that it’s not about production value as much as it is value and message.

Judging Criteria:

  • We’re looking for videos that tell compelling success stories, ideally with specific outcomes. We’re looking for videos that will help and inform other people interested in incorporating video into their business communication.
  • We’re not looking for high production value – it definitely won’t hurt you, but it’s not a primary criterion.
  • We’re not judging on length, but it should be a relatively concise story (under 3 minutes or so).

Award Process:

  • A subcommittee of BombBomb team members will narrow all entries down to the top 10.
  • The top 10 will be watched by all BombBomb team members (we all eat a catered lunch together on Fridays, so we’ll take that hour over and learn from the top 10).
  • Each team member ranks his or her top three stories/videos.
  • Five points are awarded for first, three for second, and one for third.
    The stories/videos with the most points win.

The person with the top scoring story/video wins an iPad Pro (11 inch, 64GB), a stylus, a keyboard and a BombBomb Swag Pack!

Each of the top 5 runners up wins a $100 Amazon gift card and a BombBomb Swag Pack!


Have fun.
Provide value.
We want to bring helpful stories to the entire BombBomb community.

Common FAQs:

Will Anyone See My Video?

Yes! We like to share these. See more than 100 customer stories in this YouTube Playlist and be sure to check out the educational series 7 Stories below.

I’ve Sent a Video Before – Can I Send Another?
Yes! We’d love to see you. We’d love to hear what’s new. We’d love to send you an iPad Pro.

I Made it All the Way Here – Can This Post End?
Yes! Remember to send your video by Tuesday, February 19th, 2019.

THANK YOU so much for your interest. We’d love to hear your story.



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