Results from Video: 3 Deals in the First 30 Days

July 28th, 2015

3 deals in the first 30 days. It’s not hard to get results from video. You just have to record and send them.

See examples of someone just getting started and already winning with simple video.

Jeff Wagner runs a mortgage banking team in Houston, Texas (by way of Cleveland, Ohio).

A friend at his office introduced him to BombBomb. Now, “I’m addicted to BombBomb.”


Early Results from Video

In his first 100 days with us, Jeff has recorded and sent 120 videos. Many of them are one-to-one sends. All of them are simple webcam recordings.

This process saves time, as he’s talking to people, rather than typing it all out. And it generates replies and produces results.

“I have found people almost feel like a video email is a ‘present’ – much more personal and intimate. The message talks to them and makes them feel important.”

He’s reaching out to real estate agents, home buyers, and people refinancing their home loans.

People call afterward wanting to do business because they loved the personal video – and it’s a top of mind type of thing.”

In his first month, Jeff secured 3 transactions by using videos. The approximate value of this activity to his personal bottom line? $15,000.

As a consequence: “I am now coaching my team to do the same.”

So what’s he sending? Here are some examples.


Four Video Examples from a Mortgage Professional

Below, see 4 examples from Jeff. To watch the video for each, just click the image.

His emails are very simple – just a smiling face and a few typed-in details.


One-To-One Follow Up after Phone Call
Subject line: Heather’s new home
Nice touches: He puts a face with the name. He manages expectations clearly. He leads with a compliment.

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Real Estate Personal Reminder to Stay Top of Mind
Subject line: Video from Jeff Wagner
Nice touches: He shows himself as a father. He makes a specific 2 hour pre-approval promise. He sends on a Saturday in June, which is certain to be an active day (and a good one on which to be top of mind).

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Open House Invite
Subject line: $3,799,999 Broker Open House
One thing I’d add: A link to view more about the property (to provide more info and to see who clicks)

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Real Estate Business Update
Subject line: Video from Jeff Wagner
Great takeaway: When you read or learn something that could be useful to your clients, your coworkers, or anyone else in your sphere, send them a simple video to teach them about it. It reinforces your learning, sets you up as a resource, and keeps you top of mind.

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Get More from Jeff

Get more tips and see more examples from Jeff, including access to his $17,000 script.

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Too Anxious to Turn on Your Webcam?

No problem. You’re not alone. That’s why we produced this handy, 26-page guide.

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Thanks to Jeff!

Thanks to Jeff Wagner for allowing us to share these mortgage video email examples with you. Based in Houston, Texas, the Jeff Wagner Mortgage Team works through One Trust Home Loans.




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