Update: Deeper Video Tracking to Determine Sales Qualified Leads

Last Updated January 15th, 2020

Thanks to feedback from our users, the BombBomb team has been hard at work updating and upgrading the entire experience on our Video Tracking Pages to help you better determine sales qualified leads. Today we’re ready to release these improvements to all of our users. 

We’ve redesigned the Video Tracking Page to better help you understand how your videos are performing. We’ve made it easier than ever to see how effective your videos are, who is watching your videos, and how often/much they are watching. Now you can better prioritize outreach and build video strategies with confidence based on video and contact engagement levels. 

What’s New

  • Link to Video Settings page from the Tracking Page
  • Displayed “Average % of Video Watched”
  • Leaderboard of Most Engaged Video Viewers

What’s Different

  • Page layout
  • Improved Video Heatmap
  • Video Watched Notifications

How We Identify your Sales Qualified Leads

When you email your video through the BombBomb platform or one of our supported integrations, we’ll tell you exactly which email address played your video. However, when you don’t share your video via email (i.e. LinkedIn direct message, Slack channel, text message, etc.) we aren’t able to associate that with any specific email address. We still want to notify you that it was played, but since we can’t identify the specific viewer, we list is as “Someone.”

How to Access the Video Tracking Page

From the BombBomb Web Application, you can click “Track” on any video in your video library to access the new Video Tracking Page.

Additionally, turn on Video Watched Notifications in the BombBomb Web Application to receive an email every time any of your videos are played. You’ll see which video was played, who played it, and how much of the video they watched. From there, you can open the corresponding Video Tracking Page for deeper insights.


Taylor Wagner | About The Author

Taylor is a Product Marketing Manager at BombBomb. He's passionate about hiking & mountain biking, eating lunch way before noon, and leaving things better than you found them.

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