New Feature: Add a Call-to-Action to Your Videos

Last Updated August 3rd, 2020

Are your recipients taking the next step after they watch your video? Make it crystal clear what you want them to do, with NEW clickable Video Calls-to-Action!

Every BombBomb user can now effectively drive next steps –  whether it’s to visit your website, schedule a meeting, or download a PDF – by adding a video CTA on any video you record. This means that BombBomb video viewers can now comment on your video, like your video, and/or even click through to a webpage of your choice.

With the introduction of Video Calls-to-Action, we’re enabling you to define the desired outcomes of your videos and actively drive toward them. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for your video viewers to take your desired action when they’re most engaged: while they’re watching you and your video!

How Video Calls-to-Action Work

After you record a BombBomb video on your computer, you are presented with the option to add a CTA before saving your video. Then, once your video is saved, the CTA will be saved along with it, and will always display on that video

The CTA appears as a clickable banner at the bottom of the video once the video controls disappear, stays on screen for the entire duration of the video, and remains visible and clickable once the video is over.


Q: In which environments can I add CTAs to my recorded videos?

A: You can add a CTA to any video you record using BombBomb on your desktop.

Q: Can I add a Video CTA to a previously recorded video?

A: No. You can only add video CTAs to new BombBomb video recording at this time.

Q: How can I remove a CTA from a video?

A: You can’t. Once you add a CTA to a video, it will ALWAYS live on that video regardless if you email it, share the video URL, or embed the video.

Q: Can I edit the CTA after I have added it to my video?

A: No. Once you have saved the video, you will be unable to edit the text or change the link of the CTA.

Q: How do you track CTA clicks?

A: You can track clicks using your own link tracking or website analytics tool.

Q: Is there a character limit to the text on my CTA banner?

A: Yes, there is a character limit of 30, including characters, punctuation, and space.

Q: Will CTAs appear in thumbnails or animated GIFs?

A: No, they will only appear during video playback.

Q: Can I add emojis and special characters to the CTA text?

A: Yes!

How to Get Video CTAs

Don’t have a BombBomb account yet? No problem. You can sign up for a two week free trial for absolutely no obligation. Click here to start your free trial now!

You can add CTAs to your videos in both the BombBomb web application and the Google Chrome Extension. 

To learn how to use the feature in both experiences, click here!

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