The BombCast Episode Five – Your Video Doesn’t Have to Go Viral

October 31st, 2017

On October 27th, we showcased episode five of our BombCast live video series with real estate video veteran Michael Thorne!

The BombCast is a quick video show delivered live twice per month on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’re showcasing sales professionals of all kinds who are using video every day and unpacking their best tips and strategies to create more meaningful relationships and increase sales.

Episode five featured Michael Thorne of RE/MAX Little Oak agent out of Vancouver, BC who brings 25 years of real estate experience to the table. The episode was hosted by BombBomb’s Director of Training and Education, Jason Sheffield and Ashley Butler, our Customer Enablement Manager.

On this BombCast, Michael discussed the launch of the new website, Real Estate Video Studio!

Episode five is embedded below!


The Past, Present, and Future of Real Estate Video


At 2:00 minutes in, Michael starts us off by talking about the journey that is video – from just starting out with video, to becoming the influencer he is today.

Michael explains how he’s been an agent for 25 years, but 19 of those years, he wasn’t leveraging video. He remembers the results he received from the traditional marketing tactics, and he explains how even the “worst videos he created,” brought him better results than traditional marketing. He explains that honest, authentic video, will always bring you the best results!


At 4:02, Jason and Ashley show a clip of one of Michael’s first videos. Jason asks Michael to tell the audience about the results he received on this type of video.

Michael talks about how in Spring of 2012, his team created 30 videos in 30 days of their favorite 30 places in North Langley. The videos were shot on his iPhone, and only 45 seconds long. A month later, Michael explained how his wife told him she’d no longer go to the grocery store with him because he was continuously stopped by locals asking about both the video series, and general real estate questions! He explained how people automatically felt like they knew him, and wanted to work with him just because of his videos.


At 8:00 minutes in, Jason asks Michael why he’s invested so much time and money, to become an expert in real estate video.

Michael talks about how 20% of what you do actually returns 80% of the value. He explains that video is that 20%. Michael believes that the future of real estate will be extremely reliant on video. He recommends that agents should start using video in their day-to-day business now, because in a few years when everyone else is on chapter one, you’ll be ahead of the game, on chapter 20!


At 10:15, Jason asks Michael about what pushed him through his fear and excuses that helped him continue to use video.

Michael explains that plain and simple, video is just results driven, and seeing the results from his best videos helps him continue to make videos. He uses an example about becoming a paperless real estate agent – not one person transfers their business to digital and says “let’s break out the filing cabinets again and go back to our old ways.” Once agents break through their fear and send those first 10 videos, they will see the benefit, and never go back!


At 12:00 the discussion is pushed towards measurements. Jason asks Michael what he believes is the most important measurement to look at in his videos and how gages the results.

Michael explains that one-to-one video is all about creating a connection with a consumer, allowing them to feel like you’re bringing them value, and showing them that you truly care. He measures the success of his videos by the amount of praise he receives from his clients when they receive them, and how that particular video made them feel.


At 16:49, Michael has a great quote.

“90% of my videos receive five or less views because they are recorded for one person. I don’t want to have this viral impact. I want everyone in my hometown to know that I love the community and that I’m good at what I do. I’m not looking for views.”


Finally, at 18:49, Jason asks Michael about the launch of RE Video Studio, a community where real estate professionals can learn and share their experiences in video marketing. Jason asks Michael why he created this community, or what’s in it for him.

Michael explains how he was going through this video journey all by himself. He didn’t have anyone that he could talk to or collaborate with. At the time he was feeling this, his now partner, Jesse Peters, (click here to see Jesse’s BombCast Episode Recap) was going through a similar situation and a mutual friend connected them!

They both are extremely similar, and measure their success by the hours of happiness they have in each day. Moreover, they both have the same “why,” the same reason they get up and do what they do every day. They both want to give back to this industry that has given them so much. Through RE Video Studio, they are able to create a place where people can get the question of how taken care of. A place where professionals can get a dose of encouragement, a spark of inspiration, and get over their fear of video, so that they may see the results that they’ve been waiting for!


At 24:06, Jason asks Michael to explain how the feeling of community will be achieved through RE Video Studio.

Michael states – “it’s one topic, and it’s deep. This is about real estate video.” The community itself will not allow for ego, self-promotion, of “look what I can do!” The group itself will have a strong culture, and allow for people to ask questions, request feedback, and receive information in a constructive and positive way!

Thank you so much for Michael for joining us for the BombCast! To learn more about video studio, check out the links below.

Check out the RE Video Studio website here.

AND join their vibrant REVS Facebook community here as well.



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