Real Estate Video Marketing: 13 Proven + Profitable Ideas for Listings, Community Videos, & More.

Last Updated November 22nd, 2019

As professional coaches and entrepreneurs, we are firm believers in video-first marketing. If you’re new to real estate video marketing and looking for ways to incorporate video into your real estate business practices, we’ve rounded up tips and tricks for you. Read through the recommendations below that we summed up from watching thousands of videos from real estate professionals killing it with video.


Real Estate Video Marketing Strategies From Our Real Estate Video Influencers

For the third consecutive year, the BombBomb team has crafted both the Real Estate and Mortgage Video Influencers Guide. This year, we will be consolidating the two industries into one comprehensive 2019 Video Influencers Guide – which will be released this December.

In anticipation of the new guide’s official launch, we wanted to share some top takeaways from last year’s guide.

Regardless of your budget or number of followers on social media, anyone can implement the strategies shared in this post. Here are our top 13 real video marketing ideas to put you on a path to becoming a video influencer and driving more business your way with real estate video marketing:

1 Utilize and Optimize Your Real Estate YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second most visited website on the web, and as video content has continued to dominate on social media, its watch times have risen by 60%. Despite all of that, even some of the top video creators we saw weren’t utilizing YouTube to its potential. When using YouTube, be sure to always write search-optimized titles. Title your videos with common language that someone planning to buy a home in your neighborhood would use on the internet. Optimize your channel and update it continuously. This will help you rank on Google and create a steady flow of traffic to your YouTube Business Channel.

2 Create Interesting Thumbnails:

During our judging process, we looked at THOUSANDS of social pages and vlogs. And the first thing that really stood out to us when we looked at these pages was their thumbnail imagery. Was it on brand? Was it eye-catching?

Having an exciting social media channel or blog with beautiful imagery will help people want to click play. The Creator Academy reports that “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.” In 2015, the marketing team at BombBomb compared analytics of their newsletter sends and were able to determine a 78.98% over-performance when including people’s faces (and stories about people) in sends.

When creating thumbnail images, make sure to include the video stars smiling or looking animated. Moreover, the best thumbnail practices involve including fun text in the image (but no more than 20% text.) The text should be large with highlighted or magnified areas. The text should not mirror the title exactly, but should still be relevant to the keyword.

real estate thumbnails


3 Create a Recurring Series

Just like everything you do in business, consistency is key in real estate video marketing! Almost all of our top social winners created their own recurring series to help promote their business.

We saw shows where agents interviewed local active members of their community weekly, gave out fun activity recommendations on a regular basis, provided weekly education content on the home buying process, and even tried all the local restaurants in their town for their fans to see. These shows are an exciting break from reality, and when done consistently, they allow you to build a following and continue to drum up new business.


4 Expand Beyond Local Businesses for Community Video

Ever heard of a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are individuals who have anywhere between 1,000 – 10,000 followers and all of their followers are a part of a niche market. In this case, you’d want to find micro-influencers that are extremely active in your community. Reach out to them and ask to collaborate in your real estate video marketing efforts! Spend the day with them and ask them to show you the places they love in your neighborhood and why.


5 Create an Exciting Intro With a Clear Call-Out to Your Real Estate Services

The real estate agents in our Community Video category aren’t creating these beautiful, entertaining videos just for fun (although they probably are pretty fun to make). They are creating this type of real estate video marketing content to establish themselves in their local community.

And the best community video creators aren’t forgetting what’s important here; they are filming intro videos for each episode that explain who they are, what they do, and why they’re doing it. Moreover, in their episode descriptions, they continue to brand themselves with websites, email addresses, and direct phone numbers. Make sure you’re giving your viewers the opportunity to reach out to you after they’ve watched your video, establish that they like and trust you, and are ready to use your services!


6 Utilize Instagram and Facebook Stories

Give your followers a peek behind the scenes on the daily into your special tactics as an agent by utilizing Instagram and Facebook stories! It’s a great way to establish trust with your customers and a truly happy place for social interaction.

Our favorite part of Instagram stories is the fact that the content can remain relevant for days on end by using polls and allowing followers to ask questions. Once we get the feedback we’re looking for, we’ll create another story just to summarize it. This process encourages engagement, allows us to save time on content creation, and keeps our profile exciting!

Real Estate Instagram Stories

7 Don’t Be Afraid to Go Live

Live video allows you to appear more approachable and genuine, and gives you the opportunity to position yourself as the expert in your community. You won’t need expensive equipment or a camera crew to go live – just a good phone.

When you’re ready to go live, don’t be afraid to be yourself and let go. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Create unique/random/fun and behind-the-scenes content for your viewers. And finally, once you start going live, stay consistent. Create your own Facebook live series. Go live as often as possible to gain more followers and overall engagement.


8 Pump Out Content Tactfully and Consistently

We saw SO many people with great content this year who would have placed if they were more consistent. Our top contenders are pumping out multiple posts a day and AT LEAST one video per week. Post consistently to stay top of mind and be sure to use hashtags and geotags in your posts to expand your reach outside of your current following.

Most importantly, publish posts anywhere from five to 15 times per day on as many social media platforms as possible. Finally, make sure you’re varying your content so you’re not publishing the same posts on different mediums.


9 Give Them Something Google Can’t Tell them

Try to understand the emotional connection of the home and how it could appeal to a potential buyer. Sell a lifestyle, paint a picture, and connect with your audience throughout this process.

Examples include: “Look at this backyard – it’s perfect for summer barbecues” or “This basement has so much potential, think: movie theater, man cave, game room, what have you!”


10 Film During Peak Neighborhood Hours

I know in my neighborhood, people are often out and about right around 5:30pm, walking their dogs, exercising, or playing with their kids. Doesn’t that seem like the perfect time to be out in front of your client’s home filming a listing video?

Recording a video will always bring attention. Allow that attention to come during the peak hours of the day, and give yourself the opportunity to introduce yourself to more potential clients in the process.


11 Follow Up With a Hot Lead Using Video – Wherever + Whenever

“Speed to lead” is not a new saying. It’s tried and true and secures major deals when you have someone who is ready to buy. Every one of our BombBomb Video Influencers has MASTERED speed to lead with their real estate video marketing efforts.

We saw agents making videos on the treadmill, at the airport, and even at their kids’ sporting events! As soon as a lead comes in, send a quick video on your iPhone saying, “Hi Alli, Thanks so much for reaching out! My name is Jesse and I can’t wait to hear from you soon. Please shoot me over some times that you’re available in the next two days for us to connect. Can’t wait to hear from you.”


12 Use Power Words in Your Videos

The words you use matter. Words can make or break a sale. They can make you friends or enemies. And words can build trust or build a wall. And in this case, power words are the words you should be focusing in on to help you see results. People who are creating quality videos are using power words within the first few seconds of their videos to really increase the engagement rates on their sends.

Serious BombBomb users are incorporating these words onto their whiteboards, which show up in the animated preview of their videos. Start incorporating words like “how-to, because, imagine, committed” in your videos to see better results!


13 Utilize Screen Recording to Guide Customers Through Heavy Paperwork

Many of our top BombBomb real estate agents weren’t only using BombBomb for one-to-one videos, but also to eliminate confusion in the difficult home-buying process. They’re doing this by using a screen recording feature that can record both yourself and your screen at the same time.

That way, you can walk your clients through the difficult paperwork as if you were sitting next to them. We also saw a lot of our BombBomb power users utilizing screen recording to showcase the neighborhoods of the homes their clients were looking at with Google Maps. This even helped some of the agents be able to sell homes sight-unseen!

screen recording in real estate

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