Real Estate Video Influencers Live Release

Last Updated November 16th, 2018

On November 1st we released the Real Estate Video Influencers Guide and announced the winners on the BombCast! During this episode of the BombCast Ethan, Steve and Alli went through everything, highlighting a few select people. We have included the link to each Real Estate Video Influencer Category so you can learn more about all the winners in each.

To start off the BombCast, they talked about all the work that went into the guide. We looked over 1,200 nominations, narrowing it down to about 300 and then, finally selecting the 75 winners (including honorable mentions). The content team here at BombBomb, Matt, Alli and Alexa did a lot of work selecting the winners and preparing the guide.

Fast forward to these points to here the winners announced in each category:

All Around: 9:41
Community: 15:00
Listing: 20:42
Social Media: 27:36
BombBomb: 35:38

Watch the full BombCast episode below to hear the winners announced. Scroll father down to get the links to the guide, the links to the Blog post and to get more behind the scenes clips.


Get the Guide!

Check out the winners in each category by heading to our blog:

All Around Video Winners
Social Media Video Winners
BombBomb Video Winners
Listing Video Winners
Community Video Winners

Watch some REVI behind the scenes clips in these two BombBomb Daily Episodes!


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