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Last Updated June 4th, 2018

Cory Jo Vasquez, Director of Public Relations and Social Media at RE/MAX, recently came to the BombBomb Headquarters in Colorado Springs and met with us. Cory has 11 years of experience and is a great resource to learn from when it comes to real estate social media and public relations. Though originally focussing on traditional marketing, Cory switched to more social media marketing about four years ago. She has been growing the RE/MAX brand across all social networks since seeing the way that Facebook changed the marketing game.

Growing the RE/MAX Brand on Social Media

Our VP of Marketing, Ethan Beute, interviewed Cory to pull some insightful information. One of the first things he asked is what the social marketing goals were for Cory and her team. She said a lot of people fail to see their strategy but she explained that they have two major goals that they continue to focus on:

  • Goal One: Lead Conversation – through leading conversation, the hope is to connect buyers and sellers to agents
  • Goal Two: Provide content and education for buyers and sellers – Cory says that at RE/MAX they want to meet needs through providing this valuable content. She also shared that they hope to be present and stay top of mind through their consistency.

Top Three Goals of the RE/MAX Agent Facebook Groups – Community Media Management

Cory not only runs the social for RE/MAX but she also helps RE/MAX agents with their marketing through Facebook groups. There are 150k agents around the world that are apart of their groups. She says they leverage the best agents to help the rest of the network. Here are her goals for the groups:

  • Goal One: Educate RE/MAX agents on what they should be doing on social for the brand.
    This helps both the RE/MAX the brand AND the agents by getting both parties exposure on social.
  • Goal Two: Share the best practices for practical and tangible benefits. By sharing the best practices with RE/MAX agents, the hope is that the agents can implement these tips to see some great benefits.
  • Goal 3: Leverage our message by sharing it with our agents. By consistently sharing the RE/MAX message, they hope that the agents then carry it into their networks.

Real Estate Marketing Tips from Cory

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Real Estate Agents:

Social Media Do’s:

A lot of people realize after getting into real estate is that marketing is a huge part of it. Cory shared with us what they believe to be the best practices for agent success. Here are a couple of her main points:

  • Marketing isn’t just a side thing. You need a marketing mentality and a strategy. Marketing is a big part of the business. It is a mindset you need to have at the very beginning.
  • Break down the business each year. Look at leads, conversion, listings, goals, objectives, advertising, marketing, spending, social media and video. Create a comprehensive plan for the upcoming year.You don’t HAVE to do it all. There are a lot of recommendations out there but you don’t have to implement them all. Do what seems to be working best for you.
  • Lastly, you need to be doing video. The goal here is to get in front of people and generate referrals. And video is the best way to do that.

Social Media Don’ts:

Cory also shared some great tips on things to avoid. Real estate agents fall into these habits that get in the way of their success.

  • Just posting listings to their social accounts: This can get you nowhere fast. How are people going to know you or connect with YOU if you just post listings over and over again.
  • Failing to maintain relationships: Sincerity is key. It’s important to start relationships and maintain them with genuine interest in your customers. Ultimately it’s not about Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s about relationships with clients and your community.

How to be Prepared for a Formal Press Interview as a Real Estate Agent

Media outlets are downsized. You can be a great local resource for the media and Cory talked about preparing for an interview as a real estate agent.

  • You HAVE to respond to the calls: Don’t miss out on opportunities with the media. Be responsive and on top of things.
  • Be properly prepared: Know your numbers, active inventory, time on market, how fast homes are buying and selling. Share some fun tips, hot neighborhoods, etc. Bring a quick sheet of these numbers and tips so you can stay on track. Try to avoid being scripted.
  • Speak in small bites: Live interviews typically aren’t edited. Which is why Cory suggests going into the interview with little nuggets of facts and tips. If you forget to say something, don’t force it in but maybe add it at the very end.

Tips to Help You Get Started in Video

The last thing Ethan discussed with Cory was the importance of video. Cory had some great pointers she learned from her own experience in video.

  • Start small: A lot of people are terrified to do video. Which is why Cory suggests warming up to it by sending simple videos to friends and family to begin.
  • Work out a schedule and give it time: You might not love video right away but after you follow a plan and see some results you’ll fall in love.

There you have it – some great insights from a real estate public relations and social media expert. We loved connecting with Cory and speaking on these great points with her.

If you’re a RE/MAX Agent looking to up your marketing  game, click below to get started with our Social Prompt for RE/MAX!

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